Friday 15 April 2016

UK is trailing behind other developed countries

"Britain came last out of 37 nations for disparities in healthy eating between children from low and high socio-economic status."

"The gap between British children from wealthy and disadvantaged backgrounds is growing because of a failure by the government to tackle inequalities in child health, education and income, according to a new Unicef report."

"Warning that the UK is trailing behind a range of other developed countries by failing to reduce inequality in child well-being, the UN’s children’s rights body directly criticised the government by predicting that its ambitions to eradicate child poverty were unlikely to materialise in the near future."

"Among key areas of concern, Britain was also ranked bottom out of 37 countries for the disparities in healthy eating between children from differing social and financial backgrounds."

"The study, Report Card 13, which is published on Thursday, is the latest highly critical view of the UK from the UN and follows interventions such as the 2013 call by the body’s special investigator on housing for scrapping of the bedroom tax.

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