Tuesday 5 April 2016

Troubled Families programme: a waste of public funds

"A social care worker with experience of the Troubled Families programme expresses frustration at a government policy that is 'a waste of public funds'. "

"The Troubled Families programme attempts to directly intervene in the lives of the most troubled familiesin England. These families are classified as such if they meet two out of six effective measures of disadvantage."

"These criteria range from families struck by domestic abuse, to those who, quite vaguely, have children who need help. The programme then sends a team to each of these households who attempt to discourage the causes of bad behaviour, worklessness and laziness... " [Note: the criteria have kept changing.]

"The pressure that local government cuts have applied to social services have, in fact, caused staff to act against their ethical and professional values. It is most distressing to consider that a programme which aims to help families with multiple disadvantages is actually subjecting them to coercion and harassment."

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