Monday, 3 April 2017

Mother and two sons have gone missing from Nottingham

"Are the police on the wrong side of justice in the hunt for Samantha Baldwin? Isn’t she a hero mum trying to protect her boys?...The scandal which lies behind the case of hero mum, Samantha Baldwin, concerns a network of abusers linked to @gmpolice…Story behind this story is absolutely huge (Savile/Heath scale)...This fight ain't over yet. Down but not out. Journalists will continue to work hard on this vitally important story. It's a legal minefield."

"- Tweets by Journalist Richard Carvath (before gag order)"

"On Monday, the 27th of March, Samantha Baldwin and her 2 sons, Louis (9) and Dylan (6), went missing from Nottingham…Those of us who know Samantha, know that she is a kind and caring person, and we also know the circumstances leading to her taking the drastic action of disappearing."

"In 2014 the boys disclosed details of horrific [sexual] abuse to their mother. Samantha and her children have been let down terribly by the legal system and Samantha found herself in the situation of being forced to allow the person she knows to have abused her children, access to them. She has refused to do this and is protecting her sons [by fleeing] despite the consequences."

"- Rebecca, friend of Samantha’s The Women’s Coalition is protesting the cover up of sexual abuse which led to the removal of Samantha's children from her and the manhunt for Samantha by the police headed by Superintendent Rich Fretwell."

"The following account of Samantha’s case was provided by a reliable source:"

"1) Louis (then aged 7) disclosed to his grandmother and mother that he and his brother (Dylan, aged 3) have been systematically sexually abused by their father and other men.

2) Samantha reported this to the police (GMP) who interviewed Louis and Dylan in a draconian manner in a small room in a police station in Middleton, Manchester. Police personnel at this time are dismissive and highly unprofessional and inappropriate towards distraught Mother and Grandmother.

3) The police did not believe Samantha or her children.

4) GMP [Greater Manchester Police] investigating officers make strong suggestions and comments at the time that the perpetrator was ‘innocent'. Comments were made to indicate that he was a businessman and upstanding citizen so how could he be a child sex offender(??)

5) Samantha and the family tirelessly requesting samples be taken immediately from the boys to test for possible drugs. This was ignored and only then agreed to test at a much later date.

6) The above evidence was ignored and CPS takes no further action.

7) In fear, Samantha then moved area, she moved to another part of the UK.

8) Samantha's own father is manipulated by the abuser, he then gave the perpetrator Samantha’s address.

9) The perpetrator goes to The Family Court demanding custody.

10) A court appointed social worker visits the perpetrator’s family with a view to placing the children there.

11) The judge rules Samantha’s children are to be taken as ward of the court.

12) Samantha’s mother and sister were then arrested this week and held in custody and questioned for 30 hours..."

"On Monday, Judge Lea put Samantha’s boys in foster care. It is common tactic for judges to place children who have reported sexual abuse by their father to do this as an interim step in switching custody to the father."

"Mainstream media is aiding and abetting the cover up and terrible injustice occurring. It is horrible enough that judges disregard and cover up sexual abuse, but when the media, the fourth estate, which is the public’s only means to uncover corruption and bias when all three branches of our government goes along with the cover up, it is appalling. Social media must fill in the gap in covering these cases, so please share this post and any others that get the truth out."


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