Thursday, 24 January 2019

Fifteen genders for 5 year olds

Barnardo`s apologises for child abuse

"The UK's biggest childcare charity yesterday claimed there had been no 'malice' in the mistreatment of children - as it formally apologised to youngsters abused in its homes."

"Former Barnardo's executive Sara Clarke now works for the organisation as a consultant, helping it to tackle historic allegations of child abuse and neglect."

"She said the charity was 'deeply sorry' for any 'hurt' that children in its care had suffered - and accepted that the charity was responsible for 'failures' that led to abuse..."

"The Scottish Child Abuse Inquiry (SQAI) has heard a series of allegations that children in its homes were beaten and raped."

Data analytics threatens local democracy

Here is what Xantura has to say about its Fusion platform:

"The Fusion platform is being configured to better target early help services and reduce financial pressures in several business domains, including;

Children`s Services
Adult Social Care & Health
Housing / Homelessness
Community Safety
In all these deployments, very careful consideration is given by data owners as to what data will be supplied and under what circumstances it can be shared."

However the reality might involve breaches in a family`s right to privacy given that consent for data sharing is not always sought. For example:

"Hackney Council is refusing to release details about a profiling system which flags at-risk families in the borough to social workers." 
"The Town Hall has also confirmed that people whose data is captured through its services are not told it is being used for this purpose."

"The council has paid a total of £361,400 to private data analytics company Xantura since 2015, and says it is trialling the firm’s Early Help Profiling System (EHPS)..."

"A spokesperson said the decision to keep secret what predictive indicators are used to profile families is at the request of Xantura, which argues the information is commercially sensitive."

But Alexandra Runswick, director of campaign group Unlock Democracy, said: `Commercial sensitivity should not override democratic accountability`. " 
"`Private companies like Xantura that knowingly get into the business of local democracy should expect to be open about how software is being used for targeting`." 
"`We know that human biases can be baked into profiling software design. This is a challenge that some of the largest companies in the world haven’t been able to iron out`."

Thursday, 17 January 2019

Nine years for Sabine McNeill

"A woman who claimed there was a `satanic child abuse ring` in Hampstead has been jailed for nine years over stalking parents and breaching a restraining order."

"Sabine McNeill, 74, was jailed at Southwark Crown Court on Wednesday. She led a vitriolic campaign claiming children at a school in Hampstead were being subject to child abuse..."

"A High Court hearing in 2015 found the claims of a satanic child abuse ring to be baseless."

Coverage of the Sabine McNeill case begins on UK Column News at approximately 25 minutes. 

Here is Sabine in earlier times fighting against UK secret family courts and the abuses that follow from that.

Wednesday, 16 January 2019

Melanie Shaw case adjourned until February 11

"The sentencing of Melanie Shaw over three charges of prison arson has been adjourned for four weeks."

"The 48-year-old was due to be sentenced at Leeds Crown Court today, Monday, after a jury in the same court in October had found that she had committed three counts of arson being reckless as to whether property was damaged or destroyed."

"The October proceedings were a 'trial of facts' to establish if she had carried out the acts, rather than a formal trial with a 'guilty' verdict', because [she] was deemed unfit to stand trial."

"During today's hearing, which lasted less than five minutes, Judge Belcher said she was not happy with a report that had been supplied by a doctor."

"The judge said the case `can't be dealt with today`."

"She requested further doctor's reports from the defence and adjourned the case until February 11, where she said she would decide on the sentence."

"The judge said: `I adjourn this case for the 11th of February. Reports requested for a hospital order`."

"Shaw did not appear in person for the hearing today. Around 15 of her supporters were in the public gallery for the hearing." 

 "The offences were carried out on February 8 and February 10, 2017, at HMP Foston Hall, Derby; and on June 21 at New Hall prison in Wakefield, West Yorkshire."