Tuesday 30 July 2019

The proposed smacking ban in Wales

"WRITING last month about the Welsh Government’s draft plans to outlaw smacking, I highlighted official police estimates that they expected more than 250 parents a year to face investigation or be charged, a total of 1,370 in the first five years."

"Now a letter from the Children’s Minister Julie Morgan, sneaked out just days before the summer holidays, has dramatically increased this number.''

"The letter to Lynne Neagle, Chair of the Children, Young People & Education Committee, predicts that 548 people a year will be investigated for smacking and sent to a Government re-education or ‘diversion’ scheme following the removal of the ‘reasonable chastisement’ defence a total of 2,740 in the first five years."

The smacking ban in Scotland:

Children`s cereals

Anti-terrorism legislation to be used against anti-vaxxers


"Britain must tackle killer health threats from abroad in the same way it handles terrorism, because deadly infections know no borders, the government’s chief medical officer has said."

"In her final report before stepping down to become the first female Master of Trinity College Cambridge, Dame Sally Davies said the UK must adopt a similar approach to global health as [it] does with its counter-terrorism (CONTEST) strategy."

"The strategy brings together intelligence organisations from across the world to ‘prevent, pursue, protect and prepare’ for a terrorist attack and ensures countries act swiftly together in the event of an atrocity."

"Dame Sally said Britain must adopt a similar approach to stop pandemics..."

[UK Column News 24 July 2019]

"More good news because Dame Sally Davies has released her final ever annual report of the Chief Medical Officer because, of course, she`s leaving that role in the not-too-distant future. And in her final report she has outlined, apparently, the UK`s leading role in global health and highlights the need to share international knowledge and experience. So this is good stuff."

"It`s clear, apparently, by `focusing purely on domestic health we risk failing to control the shifting tide of global threats, diseases and their determinants`..."

"Computer software used to prevent people joining ISIS and the KKK could be aimed at anti-vaxxers to stop them spreading dangerous myths online."

"Fantastic article. Well worth reading. It`s the subtlety of the whole thing. So it says here: `Anti-terror computer software could be used to target people spreading lies about vaccines. The program, which finds at-risk people through their online searches and facebook posts, is being adapted to help to stop the spread of anti-vaccination myths. It works by finding those who are reading or watching dangerous content and instead shows them adverts to get help or sending them direct messages. People reading anti-vaxx conspiracy theories could instead see pop-ups with reliable information about immunisation or offered counselling`."

"It finds at-risk people. So we`ve got an algorithm that`s going to troll through what you`re doing and looking at, and decide if you`re at-risk. That`s a huge threat to civil liberties in my opinion. And then it`s going to decide - Is it AI deciding this or a person? I suspect it might be AI - whether we`re watching dangerous content and if it decides that we`re watching dangerous content about vaccinations then it`s going to - what was that expression? - Offer counselling."

Mike Robinson. "Yes. So just so that everybody understands what that means: it is that every communication between your web browser and the web server that you`re going to look at is going to be assessed, analysed; it`s going to be, in fact, changed in transit. So what we`re effectively seeing here is the government operating a man-in-the-middle attack ... between you and the third party that you`re looking at, with a view to changing your mind. About what? - about the stuff you`re reading? This is worse than China."

Brian Gerrish. "Worse than China because, of course, it`s all done by deceit whereas at least we know there`s a communist government in China."

"But thanks to the Daily Mail for putting up this graphic because it says `A report by... the Wellcome Trust estimated the percentage of people worldwide who believe vaccines are safe. `People living in Europe have the lowest level of faith in immunisations whilst those in the east of Africa and South Asia are most likely to believe they work`."

"Now that`s quite an interesting spread of opinion there; but they go on to say that common anti-vaxx theories include that `the jabs don`t work, or give people the disease they`re supposed to protect against, that the drugs contain dangerous heavy metals or even that one of them is linked to autism. All are regularly debunked and vaccines have been proven to be safe over decades and saved millions of lives`."

"Nothing to back this claim up, of course. `Tackling the spread of these myths which is sped up by social media is becoming an increasing priority of the government in the UK`."

"So there you are. If you start to question and research the dangers of vaccines you`re going to be picked up by ... anti-terrorism legislation. But they`re going to offer you counselling at some stage. So presumably you`re going to end up in the psychiatric gulag, trying some of these injections, if you dare question it."

Mike Robinson nods

"Brilliant system isn`t it?"

Friday 26 July 2019

Positive news about Melanie

Update from Brian Gerrish who has recently visited Melanie Shaw in Rampton Hospital:

"Melanie looks well and I understand she now looks considerably better than when she first arrived at Rampton from prison, where she endured some 19 months in solitary confinement and was very badly treated in a number of ways. "

"I was very encouraged by the positive and caring attitude of the Rampton staff who attended my visit, and I would like to say that I am sure they have Melanie's best interests at heart, and are doing their best for her. Melanie is taking medication, but was upbeat, chatty and clearly knew what her situation was, and what she wanted to achieve to improve her situation."

"Her position is very delicate at the moment as Rampton is a high security hospital and progress towards a more relaxed environment, and ultimately release, will be involved and will take time. Appropriate matters in a medical and legal sense are also proceeding, but I am not at liberty to mention details."

"Having said that, Melanie's conditions in Rampton are steadily improving and she is now able to participate in more social activities that are available, including time working in the garden growing area outside. This is a hugely positive change for her after her protracted time in prison."

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Thursday 4 July 2019

Permanent exclusion for pupil who disagrees with school policy on gender

"A teenager who went viral after arguing with his teacher that there are only two genders will not be allowed to return to the school where he filmed the confrontation."

"The unnamed 17-year-old secretly filmed the moment he was reprimanded by a teacher at Mearns Academy in Aberdeenshire, who said his view on gender was not in line with school policy..."

"The boy has claimed staff told him not to return to the school in the wake of the incident...."

"In the interview, the boy said the issue first came up in class when they had been asked to sign up for a website and the teacher pointed out there were only two gender options...."

"During a meeting with Murray and his mum he said the school `emphasised that I wasn`t getting into trouble for what I said but for recording a teacher`, which is fair enough because it`s a known rule not to record your teacher...."

"He said they later extended the suspension by another two weeks and told him he could return after the summer break..."

"`We got called back in for another meeting and they said after having lots of talks with people higher up they said it`s not ok for me to finish my education at that school effectively and they told me there`s no chance I can return,` he said."

"An Aberdeenshire council spokesperson said Murray was not permanently excluded from the school, but that he had reached the end of his time in compulsory education."

Vulnerable are locked away for years

"They're supposed to be a place of comfort and security - where vulnerable people can stay for a short time, to keep them and others safe."

"But today, a week-long protest has begun into NHS Assessment and Treatment Units, or ATUs, over serious concerns about patient care."

"Campaigners say children with learning disabilities and autism are being locked away for years, far away from their families, in distressing conditions."

Police snatch 3 children

Datei herunterladen | In neuem Fenster abspielen | Aufgenommen am 25/06/2019

"When Natalya and her family arrived in Norway in September 2018 they were overwhelmed by the beauty of the country. They had moved there from America because Natalya’s husband started a new job in Oslo. But their lives drastically changed a few months later when Norway’s dysfunctional Child protection service along with the police entered their house on a Monday night in May 2019 and seized their children."

"Like in so many other cases there was no forewarning, no court proceeding, no thorough investigation or assistance given to the family prior to the taking of the children. This Episode was recorded about a month after the Children were seized. [See link below] "

Mother accused of inducing illness

"Drayak's world was `turned inside out` when she was suspected of causing her daughter's illness. Two-year-old Beatrix had a complex medical history and had been placed on anti-epilepsy medicine but she was struggling to feed and kept vomiting. Her mother claims to have been treated `like a monster`over concerns she was `inducing` Beatrix's illness."

"Her daughter was taken into foster care and the family was not reunited until a year later when the case was dropped. Taliah, 36, was wrongly suspected of Fabricated or Induced Illness (FII) in relation to her daughter, a condition also known as Munchausen's syndrome by proxy. FII is a rare form of child abuse which occurs when a parent or carer, usually the child's biological mother, exaggerates or deliberately causes symptoms of illness in the child..."

"During the investigation, Taliah, who is a mother of seven, was allowed to continue caring for her other children but Beatrix was removed from the family home. The toddler spent three months in foster care before an arrangement was made for Beatrix to be cared for by her father Taurean at a separate address, with Taliah getting limited supervised access..."

"It was consultant paediatrician Dr Marianne Cochrane, at the Royal Aberdeen Children's Hospital, whose concerns led to a child protection investigation and Taliah being interviewed by the police. Her other children, her friends and playgroup workers were also interviewed as part of the investigation. `None of that seemed to resolve anything,` Taliah says."

"She says the more she asked for help the more she was treated with suspicion."

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