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The inhumane treatment of a child abuse survivor and whistleblower

[UK Col 5 October 2018]

"What better place to go than IICSA, ... Theresa May`s child abuse inquiry because it`s just been talking about its findings in Nottingham and [it has] mentioned Beechwood children`s home, of course where Melanie Shaw was abused; and then Melanie became the lead whistleblower. So Sky news here says, `One of the most notorious children`s homes in Nottingham, known as Beechwood, has been singled out by the inquiry for special investigation. There were 136 allegations of sexual abuse from children there between the 1960s and the 1990s,` and, of course, this is a special investigation of Beechwood because the lead whistleblower Melanie Shaw has never been called to give evidence to that inquiry. On the contrary, the inquiry has done everything it possibly can to make sure that Melanie has not appeared at the inquiry. They`re not interested in speaking to Melanie and as their media lady said to me in a slightly agitated state, `What do you expect us to do? Break into the prison, Styal, in order to get Melanie`."

"Well what`s going on here I think is becoming pretty clear. It`s John Mann MP.  He said. `It is a total betrayal; the system didn`t work for them, the institutions didn`t even co-operate and hardly talked to each other. It is quite astonishing how they were let down... This is institutional failure but we need to learn for the present and the future`."

"I thought I`d just slap a label across this. No, no, no Mr Mann, it is not `institutional failure.` This is criminal activity;  and the evidence is easy to see, that institutions fully co-operated in the abuse and subsequent cover-up. So I`m not sure what Mr Mann`s plan is here. He is apparently representing three of the abuse victims. I called his office before we became live today in order to see what he had to say about the fact that the lead whistleblower Melanie Shaw hadn`t been called but there was nobody to answer the telephone. We`ll try him again this afternoon."

"BBC is on the bandwagon. Now remember of course that this is the same BBC that has removed all of their earlier articles about Beechwood and the abuses and those that featured Melanie Shaw; but they are telling us that `three witnesses who gave evidence on Tuesday had all been through branches of Beechwood community home in Mapperley`."

"`The facility is one of three case studies for the Nottinghamshire branch of the inquiry, which opened at Trent Bridge on Monday. A woman in her 50s, identified only as D7, said she grew up in Mansfield and went into care in the 1970s. She recalled being attacked `on several occasions` by John Dent, a social worker who lived on site`."

Brian Gerrish refers to a picture of Melanie Shaw: "So there, remarkably, this particular victim of Beechwood she said that children were not only abused but murdered on that site and has been completely blocked so far from this inquiry."

"David, I predicted a very long time ago that IICSA would be a cover-up. I believe...that even more. This is a very carefully crafted government cover-up, as to the scale of the abuse, and the links through to high level abusers in the establishment and the political system in Westminster. And the fact that [they] are now reporting on Beechwood without even interviewing the lead whistleblower says to me that I`ve been correct. Sorry to be a little bit arrogant there. What do you feel about IICSA?"

David Scott: "Well look what it`s doing? It`s now been running for how many years? Exactly how many shocking headlines have we seen ? How many ... politically connected people [have] been charged? How many have resigned in disgrace? How many changes have been made? There`s been nothing. What it is is a nice quiet gentle ease out from where we were three or four years ago where we had daily headlines about people like Leon Brittan, what he was up to with small boys, and a general view that the people who rule over us have shown themselves to be utterly corrupt. And now this is just easing the public down gently. So there`ll be some lessons to be learned. There might be a few low level people thrown to the wolves but what`s going to change? I don`t see any momentum here for change."

Brian Gerrish: "But of course you need the abused children because as you`ve demonstrated if you have the abused children who go through life damaged and suffering, the state can then use that to bring in controls over parents who do look after their children."

"But this little part of the story gets worse because it was kindly pointed out to us that the Independent Monitoring Board had recently produced a report on HM prison Styal where Melanie has of course been held. This is the Board; it`s independent; it`s always important to tell people that; it`s an independent Board `appointed by the Secretary of State from members of the community in which the prison or centre is situated`. Now I spoke to a very nice lady at this organisation this morning and I questioned her about this report. I`ve been invited to email the Board although I`m not to know who`s on the Board at the moment. But why did I have questions? Well I had questions because the report that they wrote has concluded that prisoners are overall treated fairly in the prison although a small number with poor English are at a disadvantage. `Are prisoners treated humanely? The view of the Board is that prisoners are treated humanely by staff in the prison. However conditions are adversely affected by the poor state of the buildings.`"

"So overall this is a good review for this prison. But when we get into the report there`s some interesting things there. `Five women have spent between 31 and 42 days on the... segregation unit under Rule 45 or Rule 49. A sixth woman arrived on the Unit under this provision on 7 November and, despite several unsuccessful efforts to begin a return to normal location, remains there at the time of writing, with appropriate authorisation. The unit is not ideal for anyone to spend more than a few days`."

"Now some people suggest that this particular person that they are referring to is Melanie Shaw. I believe that could well be true. But I simply asked the question of the Board: If people were spending a long time in a unit where you should only be for a few days, how is this humane? And they seemed to get rather confused by my question. Hence the invitation to email them."

"I`ll just add in this from the report, because if you go into the depths of this report they`ve got a massive increase in self-harm and mental health issues that`s occurred over the last few months. And it`s interesting that the prison governor has recently had to step down, although the Ministry of Justice at the moment will not tell anyone the reasons she`s been removed from the prison; so HMP Styal ... is effectively out of control; it doesn`t have a proper governor. The government who appoints people who do the inspection isn`t saying why this lady has been removed but we seem to have another report smoothing the waters, although conditions in that prison are pretty unpleasant."

"And I`ll just put this image up which I did tweet out yesterday."

"But as I watched Theresa May cavorting on stage in front of her adoring conservative audience, I thought: `Yes, this is the dancing queen that was of course responsible for putting Melanie Shaw in prison and Melanie has finished her jail term but is still - I think it is 3 months later - is still in prison, still not receiving the [care for her] mental health needs that she deserves.` So well done Theresa May."

Foster care agency to be sold for more than £100 million

"One of Britain’s largest foster care agencies could be about to change hands for more than £100 million."

"Partnerships in Children’s Services is expected to be sold after its private equity owner, Sovereign Capital, hired advisers from Clearwater to find a buyer."

"Partnerships in Children’s Services brands include Clifford House, Orange Grove and Fosterplus Partnerships in Children’s Services."

"Sovereign Capital invested in 2012 in Fosterplus which was set up in 1996 by two former social workers, Deborah Ferguson and Paul Snell, who are still directors."

Scottish child abuse inquiry investigates Quarriers

"The [Scottish child abuse] inquiry will hear allegations of abuse at Quarriers’ Bridge of Weir home, which was set up by Victorian philanthropist William Quarrier."

"The former children’s institution has the most abuse convictions out of any Scottish home."

"Seven people, including Porteous, have been convicted of abusing 23 children at the home."

"David, born in Glasgow, ended up in care along with his sister Irene when his mother suffered a breakdown. He said: `Despite Quarriers having the highest number of convicted carers, the charity has done everything in its power to ensure victims have been denied justice and reparation for what we endured, using time-bar to refuse claims`." 

"`To this day, some won’t realise what evil went on at Quarriers`."

"Porteous refused to accept responsibility for what he did but so have others."

"He used a change in the law to have his sentence shortened, but has never appealed his conviction or taken part in paedophile programmes in prison."

"A BBC Scotland programme, Secrets Or Lies, which questioned the guilt of Porteous, was later criticised by the corporation’s standards watchdogs."

"They said the programme makers had made `serious errors of judgment`, adding that it was unbalanced and so-called new evidence had not been properly researched`..."

"It is hard to understand why the inquiry sought to give convicted paedophiles a voice..."

"Porteous is not the first convicted sex offender to be asked to appear at the SCAI."

"Earlier this year we revealed how former priest Bernard Traynor, 65, has been called to give his testimony after allegations about him were made to the inquiry by former residents at Smyllum Park in Lanark."

"The Scottish Child Abuse Inquiry said: `It is vital that the inquiry hears evidence from anyone who has important and relevant information, including survivors and those who worked for the institutions under investigation`..."


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Melanie Shaw and a `trial of facts`

[UK Column News: 17 October 2018]

"We don`t normally start with an apology but I`ll give the apology. We`re going to show you a little bit of what Google has been doing but this is in relation to the court case of Melanie Shaw. So let`s have a look."

"Fascinating that after months and months and months of nothing about Melanie Shaw on Google. When you search her story, you search Nottingham child abuse, you search for Beechwood home, all of the information had gone down, nothing of the original story from the Nottingham Post or the BBC or any of the other so-called mainstream media, including the big named papers, of course, the Telegraph and the Guardian, absolutely nothing. Melanie`s now been through a particularly vile court hearing and suddenly she`s all over the internet. Just a coincidence Mike?"

Mike Robinson: "Yes, so first and second on the front page there. But has Melanie been through a court case ?"

"Well we`re going to have a little bit of a discussion about that. Let`s just look at what`s come out so far and we`ll go to the Nottingham Post because they`ve obviously taken great delight in reporting this. And so here we are; here`s the headline: `Jury decides that Beechwood whistleblower Melanie Shaw set fire to her cell three times. The defence offered no evidence in the case. Shaw was deemed unfit to stand trial so a finding of fact was conducted in her absence. The jury of five men and seven women took less than an hour to find that Shaw did the acts. They were instructed to reach a not guilty verdict on a further count of arson`. So quite interesting reporting here Mike because they do say that she was absent but then the whole style of the article, it`s as if what was said had come out of the mouth of Melanie Shaw."

Mike Robinson: "Well OK. But the first thing you notice here is they`re talking about a `finding of fact`. We`re going to talk about this a little bit later."

"Indeed. So let`s just put some of the key points up on the screen."

"So Melanie was found guilty of the arson charges. Now I understand the sentencing is on the 15th November 2018. I have seen the 12th of November reported in some places but I think it`s the 15th. People are very welcome to correct me if I`m wrong. Melanie was not well enough to attend Leeds Crown Court nor did she testify by video. She was simply not present at her own court hearing which was allegedly called a `trial of facts`and the defence offered no further evidence."

"Now what was actually going on here Mike? A lot of people who attended the court case were totally bemused at how there could be a court case with a jury and no Melanie called. I also believe there was no psychiatric expert in court to explain why Melanie wasn`t present. That may not be correct but I believe that was the case. So what was this trial of facts?"

Mike Robinson: "Right. So the question is what is a trial of facts?Because the last time we heard about a trial of facts was with respect to Lord Janner here in the Guardian. Lord Janner case: what is a trial of the facts?"

"And it says here `The defendant cannot put forward a defence; there can be no verdict of guilty and the court cannot pass sentence. In a trial of the facts the jury is asked to decide on the basis of evidence adduced by the prosecution lawyer and by lawyers who put forward the case for the defence whether or not the accused did the facts that he or she was charged with. Because the defendant cannot put forward a defence there can be no verdict of guilty and the court cannot pass sentence. All the court can do is make a hospital order, a supervision order or an order for the defendant`s absolute discharge, where a finding of guilt is made but no conviction is registered and no order given`..."

"Now this article about Janner is from 2015 but I just wanted to follow that up with the BBC article Fraud MP Margaret Moran given supervision order. And that says that a judge had ruled that an ex-Labour MP was unfit to stand trial for mental health reasons and so could not receive a criminal conviction. The jury heard the case at Southwark Crown Court in November in her absence. She was given the supervision order and the order is to be supervised by Southampton City Council."

"So if we go back to the middle paragraph of the Guardian article it says all a court can do is make a hospital order, a supervision order or an order for the defendant`s absolute discharge."  Referring to the Melanie Shaw case Mike Robinson says: "Discharge is unlikely to be the case, so it`s got to be the other two. If it`s a hospital order then that`s what they get Brian because it puts Melanie into the psychiatric system which is where they`ve wanted her all the while and of course that would be indeterminate in terms of length of incarceration. And if it`s a supervision order then in that case she would be supervised by the very local authority that supervised the abuse that she suffered in the first place. This is pretty obscene."

The discussion continues on UK Column News at 6.02 minutes.  

Parenting by the state

UK Column News: [5 October 2018]

Indoctrination in schools

Brian Gerrish: "Well, change of subject and an introduction to David Scott, but let`s just have a look very briefly at this. Several people sent this into us. It`s a youtube video clip which shows a teacher at a primary school encouraging, teaching, showing very small children how to write letters to ask a man Thomas to marry them. And the significance of this is that the boys are writing the same letters that the girls are. So the teacher says a couple of clips from the [start] of the video `You`re going to tell Thomas it`s a brilliant idea to marry you`. "

"So this school is teaching children about LGBT relationships from the earliest age ... and of course you rapidly learn what`s going on because the teacher says that the children can be more accepting at this age and if you get the information into the children they accept it now . Then you don`t have a problem trying to convince them of what they should accept and believe in later years."

"I looked at the clip several times; it`s utterly fascinating... because what this teacher is doing is indoctrination and she knows it`s indoctrination but she thinks this is acceptable."

"David, I know this is going on with a vengeance north of the border as well."

David Scott: "It certainly is; and we`re seeing it state funded. One of the odd things is this year there has been LGBT `pride marches` all round Scotland. There was one in Perth. There were two at the weekend; one in Inverness and one in the western isles, if you can believe that. And the western isles one, there was a bit of controversy because the western isles counsellors were refusing to fly the `pride flag`. So these are being state funded, well funded, and then what you find is that in each local authority there are agents pushing the agenda. They are often extremely militant LGBT agency activists but they are in state funded organisations, state funded jobs, and very often teaching the teachers or in similar areas of control over the wider education system."

Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs)

Mike Robinson: "Right David, we`re going to move on to ACEs and we`ll find out what ACEs are in one second when we look at a short video clip."

"So we`ve got a short video here and then we`ve got some stills..."

Mike Robinson: "So David, ACEs and their consequences can be prevented?"

"Yes, so this is the latest thing to come out of America and it`s all over Britain. It`s all over western Europe. This is the new thing. It`s not that new; it`s ten years - no, it`s twenty year old research; but it`s suddenly become the flavour of the month. There`s been a film called `Resilience` which you can`t get to see. It`s been shown to all of the Scottish government employees - made by James Redford - and this is describing what is termed as the `science of hope` if you can believe that; and the `science of hope` goes to show how we`re going to transform society by government action. You have to be hopeful; you have to be optimistic and you have to - well, what do you have to do?"

"And they then go on to show correlations between adverse childhood experiences, and adverse experiences in early life, and negative outcomes, which on average is true; and we`re aware - you know, people in the Fresh Start foundation, particularly so, we`re aware of people who, for example, take to alcoholism in order to self medicate because of childhood abuse. This is true; this happens."

"But there`s something wider happening here because what they`re doing is they`re looking at the statistics of the population as a whole and then they`re taking that and changing it into a decision as to how they`re going to influence the lives of individuals and it becomes government policy and it starts going into some very strange and very totalitarian areas. So that`s what we want to explore here."

"This next slide: this is from the Centre for Disease Control (CDC) in the United States; so this is a government organisation in America. They`re pushing this forward and you see here: `Parent Training today`. So this is one of the areas that is going to be pushed. They`re going to have state appointed parent trainers. So this is going to reduce the independence of parents within family life in the family unit very significantly..."

"So having identified - initially there`s ten ACEs: emotional abuse, emotional neglect, physical abuse etc etc,  although those numbers are growing now. There`s never any limit... The CDC have identified five things they`re going to stop ... happening. So the first one here is `Strengthening economic supports for families`. Now this means strengthening government subsidies for single parents, essentially."

David Scott then puts forward the view: "Economic support means state economic support, wealth transfer and, of course, it`s welfarism that has been the biggest corrosive effect on the family and has caused most of the society wide decay for those who are most vulnerable. "Scott further suggests: "So essentially what we`re doing is we`re going to double down with everything we`ve been doing - we don`t know what else to do - and we`re going to do more of it."

"Next we`re looking at `changing social norms`... So the bedrock of society is the family with traditionally one parent, usually the man providing; and one parent, usually the mother in the more nurturing role. Well, we`re not having that; we`re going to change that; because the state has now stood in the role of the father for providing for the children.  We don`t need fathers quite as much; there are a lot of single mothers and we`re going to make that the norm. We`re not going to think anything ill of that; we`re going to destroy any social propulsion towards a more stable society basis of the family..."

"Then we`ve got `quality child care and education early in life.` Odd diagram that. This is a little girl playing chess with a wheelchair bound old lady. It may be her grandmother; we`re not sure. So that might be an excellent thing to do. We`re not quite sure who`s looking after who there. Then after that, we`ve got `Enhancing parenting skills.` "

"There`s two nice lesbian mothers here, very slim. They`re outside `24-HOUR URGENT CARE parenting class`. `This way.` So we`re going to teach people how to parent. The state`s getting involved in this as well. And then most creepy of all, we`ve got `Intervening to lessen harms and prevent future risk.` So the state - actually it`s not very good at making the trains run on time and repair holes in the road - is going to prevent future risk. It`s going to look into the vibrant dynamic complex world of - you`re a family - and it`s going to decide if you provide a future risk to your children. And if you do ... then they will act to prevent that and there`s no use arguing..."

Named person scheme

"This is where it`s going. It`s very similar to the Named Person scheme It`s very similar to all of the huge lists of `parenting outcomes` and `risk indicators` we have in the Named Person scheme. It`s a slight re-branding of it. It`s based on similar American-based pseudo-science and it`s everywhere."

Mike Robinson: "Sorry David, it strikes me that in some way it`s related to `social credit` which is something that Dr Graham Downing was talking about to Ian Crane on Humanity versus Insanity last night. We`re going to play that programme after this, if you`re watching the UK Column live stream. But, you know, what you`re saying is there`s some kind of measurement made of whether you are a capable parent or not; and if you`re not, the state is going to intervene, potentially up to the point of removing the children."

"... Of course, we know that the state is the worst parent of all. So this is the bizarre thing. The last defence for children is the family unit and this is assaulting the family unit. So it seems superficially plausible but when you actually analyse what it`s doing it`s all acting against children."

"Now the next slide here is: Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs). This is from the Scottish government website. The initial ones were from America... It`s been parroted in Scotland. Now they`ve put a saltire on it and they`re going to say this is really important. Scotland to lead the world. No, no no no. Scotland`s just doing as it`s told as it always seems to do these days."

"Now some of the other things that are coming out - it`s called the `theory of everything` OK, so the idea here is this explains everything. This explains everything about your life; this explains everything about your future. And there`s always a pyramid. We don`t seem to be able to do these without using pyramids to explain things diagramatically."

"So here`s the pyramid for ACEs. Now this, as you see, goes from conception to death. Right, so this is the `theory of everything`. So you see that down at the bottom you`ve got adverse childhood experiences ... and that allegedly causes disrupted neurodevelopment which allegedly causes social, emotional and cognitive impairment which allegedly gives rise to the adoption of behaviours which then allegedly cause disease and social problems and an early death. So there you go..."

"Now I was having a quick look at some of the Scottish government support for this. Nicola Sturgeon was at a conference in March this year. She was reflecting on the powerful impact the `Resilience` documentary had on her and emphasised the importance of considering tackling ACEs, as ACEs were one of the most important ...[?] currently taking place across Scotland. So it is being pushed by her own government. And her old friend professor Sir Harry Burns*, the man with all the slides in the World Bank... He told the audience of the original study and the accidental realisation that many of them attending who had been to the clinic had been sexually abused in childhood and he says here - there is a core truth to this, right, that you`ve got a lot of abuse; you`ve got a lot of, particularly sexual abuse, but rather than tackling that what we`re doing is we`re using it as an excuse to build the state into an every more powerful vehicle for controlling society. That`s what`s happening here."

"Now the next little bit is just a shocker. This is from the Journal of Applied Philosophy and it is awful, and it is Licensing Parents Revisited. Now this is one of the most disturbing and in many ways ignorant articles I think I`ve ever read. .. He first of all makes the case for licensing professionals and it`s all positive. You know people in the professions may harm those they serve either directly or by failing to fulfil their fiduciary duties and the harm can be significant so we need the state to get in there and regulate. Now we don`t because there are contraindications here but what he ignores is that licensing is very often used by professions to limit access, to ring fence money and to drive up fees. It is not what he`s claiming but he skirts over any real negative effects and then goes on to make the case, well now parenting is ... important, and then we should license parents because we need ... to ensure parents are competent; and then he briefly looks at the fact that we don`t really know how to do that. It`ll be OK."

"And then he looks at the right to have children which he`s not very impressed with. He says ... `she may think she has a right to her children whereas people do not have a right to be professionals` and the conclusion is: `Does a parent have a right to rear the child under her control without interference from the state?` And there`s a false choice here between a parent who might be abusive and one with no state involvement at all; or complete control and the case for independence of family life is broken down and the conclusion is `yes` we have a good case for licensing parenting. This sort of thing which seems crazy I think is on the way in..."

Brian Gerrish: "David, I`ve got to say that as you went through that this is clearly coming in. It`s coming in as policy; that policy coming in through the civil service, but very often we can see that a lot of it originates with the United Nations. But this is very very dark and sinister stuff.  One of the points you`ve just made is that `we allow the abuse of the children to take place` because ultimately this form of control over parents and families can be brought in as an excuse over the top of it."


(The abuse that is allowed to take place is then covered up. As an example, towards the end of the programme there is a discussion about the Melanie Shaw court case)


* Sir Harry Burns speaking at a conference below:

Wednesday, 17 October 2018

Guilty: 3 different fires in 3 different cells

"A jury spent less than an hour before deciding that Beechwood whistleblower Melanie Shaw set fire to her cell three times after she said her human rights were being abused."

"The 48-year-old former resident of the children's home in Mapperley has frequently said she suffered serious abuse there, and was one of the first people to speak out about that abuse."

"A jury today (Tuesday, October 16) found Shaw - who was deemed unfit to stand trial - had committed three counts of arson being reckless as to whether property was damaged or destroyed."

"She committed the offences between February and June 2017..."

The defence offered no evidence in the case."


Yesterday, Monday 15th October 2018, a trial of fact was held at Leeds Crown Court before Judge Penelope Belcher.

Melanie was deemed unfit to plead and the purpose of this hearing was to allow prosecution witnesses to be cross-examined before the jury. The jury could not find Melanie guilty or not guilty, but its members were required to decide whether or not the evidence placed before them was factual. They also had the right to defer a decision, should they feel that they required to hear evidence from the defendant before making up their minds.

The case was to last two days, but I am unable to attend on the second day.

My report is, of course, based on my own opinions. Others present have every right to express theirs, but I shall attempt to be as fair and balanced as I can be. There are those genuine supporters of Melanie who believe that the trial should not have taken place at all, but as I lack sufficient knowledge on this subject to have a view on this, it would be unwise of me to comment.

There are two points that I would like to emphasise to begin with.

Firstly, I have no issue whatsoever with the conduct of Judge Belcher. She was firm, fair and very clear with her views and instructions.

Secondly, I did not have the opinion that the prosecution witnesses were being either untruthful or evasive. That was not my impression, although I could be wrong.

After the lack of space for the public that occurred at the previous hearing on 28th September, I had asked the helpful and courteous Court Manager, Michelle Dunderdale, to request that the judge would provide a court with the largest amount of public seating for this hearing. I was pleased to find that the court with the largest public area had been provided.

Members of the public asked if I could request, on their behalf, permission to record the trial and be allowed to take notes. I relayed these requests to the Clerk of the Court, who was also helpful. She asked what was the purpose of the written notes and what would happen to the contents. I replied that due to the wide and growing public interest in this extraordinary case, both domestically and internationally, the details were to be published on the internet. I stated that recordings would be helpful to the judge and the Court, as conflicting accounts of proceedings, some of them inaccurate, had been distributed worldwide. The Clerk said that she would explain all this to Judge Belcher.

When the judge addressed the court, she declined the first request, on the grounds that the hearing was being formally recorded anyway, but agreed to allow notes to be taken and then to be placed on the internet. She did warn, however, that she expected such information to be accurate and would come down very strongly if they were not, especially if any attempts to threaten or influence members of the jury were made.

There were four counts of arson to be made against Melanie, three at HMP Foston Hall and one at HMP Newhall.

The first was said to have occurred on 8th February 2017 and the second and third within an hour of each other on the 10th February 2017. The fourth, at Newhall, was dated 21st 2017.

On the first occasion, Melanie was said to have stated, after the alleged fire in her cell had taken place, that `It`s only concrete, I wasn`t harming anyone.`

The witnesses said that the fire was started by use of a lighter. Lighters were permitted for prisoners at that time.

The same reasons were given by two other officers who were present at the two alleged incidents on 10th February 2017, one at around 3pm and the other an hour later. When asked by the defence QC if Melanie had been examined to check if she was in possession of a lighter, the answer given was `No.`

Thus, if the statements are accurate, Melanie Shaw set fire in the three different cells at the same prison within 48 hours, by the use of the same implement, a lighter.

I believe that any reasonable person would wonder, if the first case of arson by lighter was correct, how it could possibly be that Melanie could have been allowed to continue to be in possession of a lighter on the two subsequent occasions. On the face of it, it may be considered that negligence by prison staff had occurred that may have placed the life and health of Melanie Shaw at risk as well as other prisoners.

This may also be said of the staff at Newhall, provided that they were aware of Melanie`s previous alleged history. Unfortunately, the defence did not pose this obvious question to the two officers from that prison, despite the fact that they too believed that the fires had been started by a lighter. Indeed, in a written statement, Yorkshire Fire Services` Chris Oxley confirmed that the Newhall fire had been started by a naked flame.

I think it fair to say, based on the prosecution`s own evidence, that even if the first fire at Foston Hall could be attibuted to Melanie and her use of a lighter, the following three would never have occurred but for the gross and disturbing failures of prison staff.

With regard to the Newhall fire, it was stated that when Melanie was asked about the incident, she said `It wasn`t me, it was Lorraine, she was in the cell with me.` The officer, Richard Brackenbury, said this was impossible as Melanie was the sole occupant of the cell and that at that time, the prison did not hold an inmate of that name.

This may be an indication of Melanie`s state of mind at the time - but why was she then continually allowed possession of a lighter, moreover, in the presence of self-evidently flammable material?

The final witness was DC Gary Weatherall, who had interviewed Melanie over the incidents. The two QCs, the judge and all members of the jury were provided with written copies of his report and the officer then began to be cross-examined by the proscutor.

Suddenly, Judge Belcher stopped the proceedings and ordered DC Weatherall and the jury to leave the court.

She then challenged the prosecutor about something she had seen in the report relating to an allegation of sexual assault against Melanie of which the judge was clearly unaware. Judge Belcher was also concerned that the entire jury had just seen copies of this document. The prosecutor stated that on 7th August 2018, it had informed the court that this charge had been dropped, which was true.

The judge ordered the prosecution to ensure that up-to-date copies of the report were to be made available, in a legible form she said was missing from the originals, by the next day`s hearing.

Judge Belcher decided to make the following formal court statement.

`I find Melanie Shaw not guilty of sexual assault.`

After the close, I addressed Mr Rafiq, the defence QC. I said that it could surely be construed that given the blatant persecution by the state in order to silence Melanie, it is possible, though perhaps not probable, that drugs may have been unlawfully administered to Melanie whilst in prison or that her medication had been withheld, in order to affect the balance of her mind, which may have occurred at Newhall, based on the evidence presented and the fact that she had been left in possession of a lighter.

I also reminded him of Melanie`s behaviour in court on 7 August and Judge Phillip`s failure to have her physically examined immediately by an appropriate medical expert, a failure that may have had ramifications for future court hearings, quite apart from the fact that Judge Phillips placed Melanie back in the care of those who may have recently committed a criminal offence against her. My formal complaint against the judge remains unresolved. I also drew Mr Rafiq`s attention to the financial offer made to Melanie by Nottinghamshire Council in order to prevent her from making allegations about very serious crimes committed by those connected with accepted Beechwood atrocities, an offer that Melanie, on a matter of principle that may have served to pervert the course of justice, nobly and unselfishly declined.

Mr Rafiq told me that my comments would be passed on, presumably to Judge Belcher.

Robert Green.

Monday, 8 October 2018

Dark forces around IICSA


From Robert Green:


The IICSA is currently continuing at Trent Bridge, Nottingham, focusing much of its direction into the shocking catalogue of sexual crimes that have taken place at the Beechwood Home.

Inexplicably, this investigation is being allowed to continue without the most crucial witness of all, former Beechwood victim Melanie Shaw, from being allowed, by the state, to provide the IICSA with her detailed and extensive evidence.

She remains a prisoner at HMP Styal, even despite the recent suspension of its governor, Mahala McGuffie.

Thus, the IICSA`s investigations into the Nottinghamshire issues cannot possibly carry any real credibility until Melanie`s evidence has been considered.

So serious is the evidence that Melanie, unlike some other victims of Beechwood, has refused to accept a gagging order along with any financial compensation offered for her ordeals. Her evidence will highlight the existence of a local well-connected and sinister network that has been responsible for the continuation of these outrages over a period of many years. It is likely that the true number of victims from Beechwood alone will turn out to be absolutely staggering.

It is also the case that there are unlikely to be any of the usual issues of race or religion connected with the crimes. It would appear that the perpetrators will be found to be overwhelmingly white and some to have even held positions of influence in the Nottinghamshire area.

It must be beyond any reasonable doubt that the sole motive for the state`s astonishing efforts to silence Melanie is that her evidence will prove to be explosive for those who have previously held or currently hold offices of power locally and even beyond..

A key individual frequently mentioned by the IICSA is Andris Logins, a former Nottingham social worker who was jailed for 20 years in 2016 for committing four acts of rape whilst at Beechwood, around the same time that Melanie was a resident there. Moreover, Logins was aided and abetted in his crimes by his wife, Helen, another employee of Nottingham Council, who criminally abused her position by providing her rapist husband with confidential information about his Beechwood victims. She received a twelve month suspended sentence.

Unusually for such a dangerous serial rapist, Andris Logins has an acknowledged friend who is member of the judiciary, a judge still serving in the Family Court at Nottingham, where he currently and rather bizarrely, continues to make decisions after taking evidence from the same Nottingham Social Services.

His name is Judge Jeremy Lea.

Judge Lea also employed his rapist friend to work, a few years ago, at a charity the judge directed called Faith in Families, set up to assist in adoption cases.

Given his obvious and likely in-depth personal knowledge of a key dangerous sex criminal, it would surely be a good idea for the IICSA to invite Judge Lea to offer evidence to the Inquiry, as he may well be in a position to not only provide more information about the background and true extent of his friend`s crimes, but also to offer some guidance about the network that has protected and sustained Logins and any of his accomplices for so many years.

I have already informed the IICSA`s Junior Counsel, Paul Livingston of Outer Temple Chambers, of this situation and have passed on these details to Dorota Krawczyk, at Professor Jay`s office.

It is surely time for the full evidence to be placed before the IICSA panel for thorough consideration.

Disturbingly, Professor Jay has already indicated her belief that "dark forces" are intending the IICSA to fail in its task.

Whilst she gave no information of whom these "dark forces" may be, no third parties, whether organs of state or not, must be permitted to compromise the independence of the Inquiry by interference, including any obstructions or even threats to be made against Professor Jay, any of the IICSA team and most importantly of all, against Melanie Shaw and any other victims or those with information who possess sufficient courage and decency to come forward with their evidence.


Saturday, 6 October 2018

The transgender agenda: a political phenomenon?

Stuart Waiton
"THE tragedy of 21st century liberation movements is seen most clearly in the issue of transgender equality. This is a strange ‘movement’, not only, as some might think, because it appears to ask for something that is biologically impossible. But because whereas past struggles for equality have faced the wrath of the powerful, the trans issue is not only being supported by state institutions it appears to be being pushed by them..."

"Some of these issues are certainly open to debate and scrutiny but this is part of the problem; when it comes to the trans issue there appears to be no scope for dissent or debate. "

"This issue has taken on importance not because of the choices being made by a small number of adults but because in the last ten years the number of adolescent girls wanting to transition has increased by over 4000%."

"Some argue that this is progress, that there has always been this desire, and that we now have a tolerant elite who are allowing teenagers to find their true selves. But this viewpoint is highly questionable. Rather than believing that this is a natural development, something that is intrinsic to a person and a matter of individual choice we need to recognise that this is a cultural and political phenomena."

Friday, 5 October 2018

New rules for girl guides

"The Girl Guides have recently opted to adopt a policy that exhorts the guides to welcome transgender girls. While some critics have expressed concern about young girls sharing rooms and toilets with someone who has the biological attributes and the body of a boy, there is a more fundamental issue at stake."

"As was the case with the Scottish guidelines, the new rules adopted by the Girl Guides indicate that its leaders are not allowed to divulge to parents and the other girls if a member of their group used to identify as a male."

"Whereas the institutionalisation of trans culture and the bypassing of parents in schools has provoked minimal opposition, concern has been raised by parents and leading members of the Girl Guides. This year 224 volunteers and parents wrote an open letter criticising the new policy."

"They rightly pointed out that this policy denied "informed" parental consent. The response of the Girl Guides was to expel two guide leaders and close down their unit. As far as the managers of this organisation are concerned, a parent’s right to know is trumped by its so-called `equality and diversity policy`. "

"Do we really want the Girl Guides or schools to take responsibility for the development of a young person’s sexual identity? "

"Do we really want parents to be blissfully ignorant about the values to which their children are exposed? Apparently many educators believe that they should have the right to guide the gender development of young people."

Thursday, 4 October 2018

Fabricated Illness

The website of the NHS describes it as:

"… a rare form of child abuse. It occurs when a parent or carer, usually the child’s biological mother, exaggerates or deliberately causes symptoms of illness in the child."...

"Allegations of fabricated or induced illness (FII) against parents are on the increase from councils trying to avoid paying for special needs services"

"Note here the assertion refers to allegations and not confirmed cases..."
"The claim that local authorities are effectively using a loophole and using internal child protection procedures to avoid complying with statutory obligations is a serious one and no doubt any public servant would be keen to do what they can to ensure that any such fears were allayed. Maybe parents and other interested parties can help. For example, a request to a LA using the rights available in the Freedom of Information Act 2000 to find out the numbers of FII cases in a particular year and also whether the children in question had or were being assessed for an EHCp* may help."

*EHCp - Education, Health and Care Plan

Beware of the motivation behind the master class on fabricated illness to be held in Inverness:

Wednesday, 3 October 2018

In defence of the realm

Brian Gerrish is speaking on UK Column News 14 September 2018:

"Well this headline caught my eye and I just thought how incredible this one is. The Daily Telegraph `May: Salisbury denial is an insult to our intelligence`. The moment I saw the Intelligence there I thought, yes, British Intelligence, and that is exactly what is going on. I think the Russians are taking the mickey now because this is a pantomime and a charade and I think what we`ve got here is the Russians starting to play it. The real insult to the British public is British Intelligence."

"We`ll just go through a little bit on this to get a flavour for it. But we`re going back here to some statements MI6 made last year. `Jeremy Corbyn is a danger to this nation. At MI6, which I once led, he wouldn`t clear the security vetting`. So that`s a pretty hard statement. At the same time the Mail got stuck in: `Britain`s former top spy claims Corbyn`s links would see him fail the vetting process if he applied to join Britain`s security services but warns if he becomes PM he will be running them`."

Mike Robinson: "That`s Sir Richard Dearlove, the same Richard Dearlove that`s involved with Pablo Miller, Christopher Steel and the Skripals?"

Brian Gerrish: "Yeah. That sort of person really."


"So we`ve suddenly got this outpouring of Britain`s Intelligence Services warning us about people like Corbyn. Can we trust British Intelligence?" 
"Well, let`s just follow through some of the statements. Here`s Mr Dearlove. He said, in more detail, `Frankly, I`m shocked that no-one has stood up and said, unambiguously, how profoundly dangerous it would be for the nation if Jeremy Corbyn becomes Prime Minister.` (Daily Mail 8 June 2017)"

"That`s quite a statement from a Civil Servant isn`t it? `So let me be clear: the leader of the Labour Party is an old-fashioned international socialist who has forged links with those quite ready to use terror when they haven`t got their way: the IRA, Hezbollah, Hamas... As a result he is completely unfit to govern and Britain would be less safe with him in No 10`."

"And on it goes: `I can give an indication of just how serious this is: if Jeremy Corbyn was applying to join any of this country`s security services - MI5, GCHQ or the services I used to run, MI6 - he would not be cleared to do so. He would be rejected by the vetting process. Far from being able to get into MI5, in the past, MI5 would actively have investigated him... And yet this is the man who seeks the very highest office, who hopes in just 24 hour`s time to run our security services ...` [Daily Mail 8 June 2017]..."

Brian Gerrish: "So they`re absolutely hammering here... Well what`ve got? Well we`ve got MI6 here of course labelled as making blunders over weapons of mass destruction. And the Chilcot Inquiry, whatever we say about it, it did produce information pointing a finger at MI6. So we went to war based on information which was fabricated and MI6 was clearly implicated in the fabrication of that evidence."

Mike Robinson: "That`s all in the past Brian. It doesn`t happen any more."

Brian Gerrish. "Well, I`m bringing it to the surface now, Mike, because the hypocrisy of this man is just unbelievable, pointing a finger at Corbyn and saying Corbyn is a dangerous man, when we`ve got these people taking us to war. Millions have died on the back of their lies, but Corbyn is in the spotlight. Remarkably, a Tory, Brookes Newmark, who boasted that he was on the border with General Idris ... was linked through to Al Nusra. Was this ever investigated by MI5, MI6? I don`t hear anybody speaking out about this."

Mike Robinson: "Well he was probably there on their behalf."

Brian Gerrish: "Well we don`t know but we did have the same MI6... saying the most significant terrorist threat to the UK`s interest overseas comes from Al Qaeda senior leadership. So what is going on in British Intelligence? The stories don`t stack up. I think we`re looking at street theatre. People are dying; there`s no question of that, but lies and obfuscation coming out of these supposedly very important authorities."

"And that brings us into this. We`re going back to October 2017 here. But here`s the Telegraph: `MI5 knew of cover-up over Cyril Smith child abuse inquiry hears`. And here`s the Shropshire Star. I encourage people to go to this article because it`s very detailed. And they say: `Spectre of collusion` raised by MI5 dossier on Cyril Smith child abuse claims. So MI5 was told by Sir Thomas Hetherington,  the Department of Prosecutions in 1979, that his office falsely told the press that they had no record of a police file of evidence against the politician. In reality, prosecutors had been given a file in 1970 saying the allegations against Smith, made by eight boys associated with the Cambridge House Hostel in Rochdale `stand up`, but chose not to take him to trial. There is also a reference in the covering letter to another child sexual abuse investigation into Cyril Smith by the Metropolitan Police Service in the mid 1970s. Again, why would MI5 hold that information? Why was MI5 involved at all? We say this dossier from MI5 raises a spectre of collusion`."

Brian Gerrish: "So we are to believe MI5 or MI6 when it`s to do with what`s happening overseas or dictators, but when it comes to what is really going on in our country - they don`t feel the need to do anything."

"So the Guardian picked up on this as well. `MI5 knew prosecutors lied to press about Cyril Smith case, inquiry told`. And I`ll go through this quickly because we`ve got a lot of material today, but here`s Andrew Parker quoted in these articles giving the first public speech outside the UK by a serving head of MI5. Mr Parker [Director General MI5] told an audience of security chiefs in Berlin that Europe faces sustained threats and sustained hostile activity from certain states ... `Let me be clear - by this I don`t just mean spies spying on other spies, spies following each other around at the dead of night - I mean the deliberate targeted, malign activity intended to undermine our free, open and democratic societies` ..." [Shropshire Star]

Brian Gerrish: "Now this document is freely available on the internet. By its source data it appears to be a genuine document which has come out of the IICSA inquiry and this is one page of a letter from MI5 into the inquiry... It`s giving the detail around these dossiers."

"But the amazing thing, down at the bottom, is that when they said they didn`t do anything, they said: `well our primary role was Defence of the Realm`. So we`ve got politicians who were repeatedly abusing young boys. MI5 knew. They did nothing and the reason, they say in this letter - we take this to be genuine - is because of `Defence of the Realm`. Does this mean they were defending child abuse in the realm Mike?"

"I would read that as, in order to defend the realm, they had to protect the operatives of the realm, being the polticians."

More here:

UPDATED 08.10.2018

"In November 2012, Mr Cameron wrote to retired judge Sir Mark Waller acknowledging that there was a `long-standing` secret policy to let security service agents break the law."

"So remember they were the same intelligence services that were covering up the abuse of children by politicians, in order for what advantage ? To bring a large number of politicians to court for abusing children? Well, clearly that wasn`t the case because there`s no prosecutions were ever brought. Criminality at the heart of the deep state Mike."

More on UK Column News 5 October 2018 [about 12 minutes]