Friday, 5 February 2016

Social services take two boys from adoptive parents who will appeal

Children Screaming to be heard Conference 23.4.16

"AN evangelical Christian couple who adopted two boys who were later taken from them by social services are to argue at the Court of Appeal that the state should allow a family to stay together even if it thinks the children could be better cared for elsewhere."

"Supporters of the couple see them as victims of `state suspicion` of Christian parenting."

"The boys’ adoptive father, who cannot be named for legal reasons, told The Sunday Times: `Social workers do seem to be trying to socially engineer families to fit their idea of how families should be. No family can conform to that ideal, so they are all at risk`."

"The brothers had been physically abused by their natural father. Their adoptive father claims the younger boy was so traumatised that he saw vampires, ghosts and demons. The adoptive parents took the boys into their home in 2010 and were approved..."

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