Thursday, 11 February 2016

Whistleblowing in the NHS not allowed

"Senior medical figures accused Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt of failing to act on a landmark report into NHS whistleblowing."

"In a dramatic intervention, 14 medics and campaigners wrote to a national newspaper saying there had been 'no meaningful change' a year on."

" 'To our knowledge, not a single sacked whistleblower has been found comparable reemployment,' they claimed..."

"Hospital staff say the punishments for speaking out are Kafkaesque and make them feel as if they are living behind the Iron Curtain."

"Andrew Percy, a Tory member of the Commons health committee, called for a parliamentary inquiry. 'There is a lot of evidence that whistleblowers are not being protected, that many staff in the NHS are being intimidated or are fearful of coming forward,' he said."

" 'This is totally unacceptable and is evidence of why our committee needs to look at this again. The Department of Health needs to be cognisant of the concerns on this.' "

"Sir Robert Francis compiled last year's report warning of a culture of 'fear, bullying and ostracisation' within the NHS that punished doctors and nurses who dared speak out."

One example:

"Edwin Jesuadoson worker at Alder Hey Children`s Hospital. He blew the whistle on `Unnecessary` fatalities among children who had had surgery. What he felt was a bullying culture in theatres with staff afraid to raise concerns and lessons from errors not being learned."

The consequence for whistleblowing was that he faced opposition from senior colleagues and he believes, the trust itself. He left the hospital, his marriage broke down due to stress and he fears he has been blacklisted as a troublemaker.

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