Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Can Britain accommodate unaccompanied Syrian children safely ?

"Liberal Democrats have been pressing the Government to take 3000 orphaned child refugees who have reached European shores."

"Tim recognises that accepting these children will have an impact on public services and will require local authorities, charities and central government to work together to mitigate these challenges. This roundtable seeks to explore best working practice and establish how central government can act to support local authorities both financially and from an operational and logistical perspective."

Here`s Mike Robinson explaining that there`s another issue to be concerned about:

"140,000 children go missing every single year, many of them from the care system, and there is no proper mechanism for recording whether any of them return safely."

"So this is the Britain that Tim Farron wants to bring thousands of `unaccompanied` children to."

"There is no question that `unaccompanied` Syrian children need help, yet the saying `out of the frying pan, into the fire` springs to mind."

"Is Britain capable of providing these children with a safe, loving environment? I don’t see any evidence of it."

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