Tuesday, 2 February 2016

The battle for a diagnosis.

"A MOTHER has revealed her battle to have her daughter’s rare condition diagnosed after the uncontrollable youngster was handcuffed in school three times."

"Mary Black’s daughter Hannah has finally been diagnosed with PDA, pathological demand avoidance, after years of doctors failing to link her rages with the condition."

"PDA is at the extreme end of the autism spectrum and sufferers are often described as `Jekyll and Hyde` children..."

"At one point, she considered suicide as she desperately tried to arrange for appropriate care for her daughter."

"She said: `Our family was at breaking point. No one was listening. We were getting the blame. I just wanted to die. We were picked on and being accused of there being something wrong at home`..."

"Mary said: `Hannah had a referral to the Andrew Lang unit in Selkirk. I was told she had detachment disorder, that she would have severe mental health problems, then they discharged her.`"

"`I was told to attend a parenting class, which is a joke. I was raised in care. But just because I had a bad upbringing doesn’t mean I’m a bad mother.`"
"When she was diagnosed, I just felt relief that at long last someone believed me. The recommendation was that Hannah needs 24-hour round-the-clock care to prevent her from becoming a recluse and to keep her anxiety levels low.`"

"`We want to give her a great quality of life. She can’t have that at a residential school. We need a proper package in place to allow us to care for Hannah at home.`"

"Mary has been offered 22 hours a week through NHS Lothian and Borders but said it is not enough."


All of which exposes the kind of society we are living in, and the nonsense that is GIRFEC.  There are not enough services available for needy children who are then condemned to live lonely lives without quality.

However, a Named Person service will be provided to blame families and point them in the direction of parenting classes.

It does not get more twisted.

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