Wednesday, 3 February 2016

The Scottish Education Bill

Ensuring that children have the right support at the right time ?

"Flagship legislation requiring the Scottish Government and councils to tackle the attainment gap has been passed by Holyrood, despite concerns about the return of national testing for primary school pupils."

"Education secretary Angela Constance hailed the reforms as a `significant milestone for education in this country`."

"The Education (Scotland) Bill, which was unanimously agreed, places a duty on local authorities and ministers to prioritise measures to reduce the educational divide between youngsters from different backgrounds."

"It also legislates for the introduction of a National Improvement Framework in Scotland’s schools, which will bring in national assessments for youngsters in P1, P4, P7 and S3."

Well this is where I agree with Jackie Brock:

"There is clear evidence that high stakes standardised testing, as proposed in the National Improvement Framework, can have a detrimental affect on all children’s wellbeing. We have particular ethical concerns about this policy."

"Testing P1 children is simply not appropriate for their age or stage of development. We also have serious doubts about the quality of evidence that will be obtainable from pupils in P1."

"Testing of the kind proposed is similarly unsuitable at the other end of the scale in S3 when young people are already under significant exam pressure. "

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