Monday, 1 February 2016

Confusing gender survey for schoolchildren

I wonder what Mr Coburn would think of this lot in Brighton and Hove ?

"Schoolchildren are being asked to define their gender by a list of more than 20 different terms."

"Pupils at Blatchington Mill School in Brighton were given the survey as homework and asked to choose from a list of 23 terms to say how they would describe their sex."

"As well as girl and boy, the list includes a catalogue of other labels - including `non-binary`, `demi-boy` and `gender fluid`."

"Parents have described the survey as `unnecessary` and `confusing` to teenagers going through some of the most difficult years of their lives."

"However trans campaigners suggested offering children struggling with their gender the opportunity to put a name to their feelings could help them overcome some of the difficulties."

"The question was part of a national survey from the Office of the Children`s Commissioner and sent to every school in Brighton and Hove..."

"The report stipulates that children under 16 years old should `check whether your parents/carers are happy for you to complete this survey`."

"However parents of Blatchington Mill pupils said the school had not sought their permission before setting the task."

"The school says they were not told it should seek parental permission."

Said one parent:

"The majority of teenagers should feel secure in the knowledge that they are simply boy or girl, but by pandering to a minority with gender issues, schools are introducing confusion and insecurity, unnecessarily making all teenagers question their basic identity." [Yes, that`s the idea]

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