Thursday, 4 February 2016

Inspiring confidence along the pathway ?

The Kintyre area of Argyll and Bute Community Planning Partnership has been testing through the Early Years...
Posted by Healthier Scotland on Wednesday, January 27, 2016


"The pathway is about capturing key moments through pregnancy all the way through to a child starting nursery. The GIRFEC methodology ... underpins the work of the pathway and you can`t separate the two. So it`s Named Person to Named Person. "

So the Named Person is there on the journey, looking over the parent`s shoulder every step of the way. It sounds grim. And the GIRFEC methodology? That`s early intervention.

Early Intervention Nationwide  

Jan Macvarish, writing in Spiked, discusses Tim Loughton`s relaunching of the`1,000 Critical Days Manifesto, which seeks to "establish a nationwide policy framework whereby the raising of the nation`s babies is conceived of as a highly risky task, requiring professional monitoring and intervention from conception onwards."

Many of of those who hope to benefit are the social enterprises springing up like CANparent, Mellow Parenting and Parentskool

"As the MPs spoke of the need for ‘secure attachments’ between parents and children," says Macvarish, "It was hard not to think that the real attachment anxiety emanates from the funding-hungry third sector, desperate to suck on the teat of the state."

She ends: "It seems that the ‘1,001 Critical Days’ enthusiasts are convinced that family life is now hell on Earth, rather than any kind of haven in a heartless world. Hiding behind the authority of pseudoscience, they now seek to mobilise an army of ‘experts’ to ensure that raising our ‘bundles of joy’ becomes an utterly terrifying task."

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