Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Social worker struck off register for abuse of power

"A social worker who threatened foster carers with the loss of children in their care if they did not describe him as ‘supportive’ has been struck off the register."

"A Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC) panel heard the Peterborough social worker believed the foster carers, who cared for the younger two of three siblings, had made a complaint about him."

"He also told the birth mother of all three children, cared for by two sets of foster carers, to contact his manager and make a complaint about the foster carers looking after her first child..."

"He told her to tell his manager he was a `brilliant social worker`, adding that if she reported him to the police, she would `never see her children again`."

"He called the mother on her mobile phone two or three times a week without any professional reason to do so, called her overweight and told her if she lost weight she would `stop having epileptic fits`, the HCPC panel reported..."

"The HCPC found his interactions with both foster carers and the birth mother constituted an abuse of power."

"As a result of this abuse of trust and power, and his lack of insight, the panel considered it was in the interests of public protection to strike his name from the register."

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