Thursday, 11 February 2016

Losing a grandparent

Oh dear ! The GIRFEC crew have put out Dionne's story again. Now I ignored it the first time because I would not want to attack a young child for their naivety and ignorance. But it seems the GIRFEC crew have no qualms in exploiting a young child for their own purposes.

All I can ask is which child on the planet has not lost a grandparent and soldiered on without the assistance of a Named Person ?

What makes Dionne believe that she and her family are so fragile - more fragile than billions on the planet - that a stranger should step in to the rescue ?

What is it that the stranger did  - who is in charge of 200 or more children -  to make a difference ?

We don`t know because here`s her philosophy:
The one thing I`ve leared is that whatever you go through in life you`ve just got to keep going because it will get better. As they say, `There`s always light at the end of a dark tunnel` and having a positive attitude can also benefit having good wellbeing.

Yeah ! As if she needed anything but life to teach her that.

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