Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Promoting humane social work with families

"When it comes to child protection, have parents been cast as suspects and enemies rather than as partners? The number of families being investigated for child protection concerns has been rising steadily across the UK over the last twenty years, despite recent research showing no real rise in the number of children being killed or those on child protection registers*. The number of children being taken into care is currently also at record levels; in January 2016, in England alone, Cafcass (Children and Family Court Advisory and Support Service) received a total of 1,040 care applications. This represents a 16% increase compared to those received in January 2015..."

"David Tobis explains: `The changes in New York Citys child welfare system came as a direct result of mothers whose children had been in foster care pressurising the city administration to change. Parents who had changed their lives and were able to reunite with their children became advocates in helping other parents who were struggling as they had`..."

"The conference, Promoting Humane Social Work with Families: Listening To and Learning from Each Other, aims to share ideas from research and practice to support humaneservices and learn from successful examples of system reform such as the experience in New York City. The conference will also hear from families with histories of hurt and trauma about how services can make a difference..."

"The event is chaired by Guy Shennan, Chair of BASW UK, and James Blewett from MRC. Guy Shennan said: "How social workers engage with families is very important. Fear and distrust are not helpful to either party, so we are very pleased to be hosting David Tobis, whose report of work with families in partnership to change how the system worked in New York City is inspiring."..

"The Promoting Humane Social Work with Families: Listening To and Learning from Each Other conference is on Friday 19th February 2016...Kings College London..."

"David Tobis will be speaking at a meeting of social workers and parents in Edinburgh on 22nd February and at a seminar at Edinburgh University on 23rd February from 4pm - 6pm."

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