Monday, 1 February 2016

Mum threatened by East Lothian Council officials

East Lothian Council has documented its GIRFEC journey and is enjoying working within a common framework. Children and young people remain firmly at the heart of all they do. So they fantasise, on the government website.

Real life is a bit different:

"A MUM of four says she has been forced to abandon her council house amid claims that untreated mould and damp issues led to her baby daughter spending two weeks in hospital with a chest infection. "

"Caley Moffat says she has repeatedly asked East Lothian Council to treat the dripping walls in the house she shared with her young children on Coalgate, Tranent. "

"But she says council workers insist the problem is nothing more than condensation and offered her two electric fan heaters as a solution."

"Caley, 23 has now moved her family into her grandmother`s house nearby for the sake of their health..."

"She said council officials offered to remove the mould-damaged furnishings from her garden if she signed a form declaring the local authority was not liable for the damage; and when she continued to complain, she claims they threatened her with an anti-social behaviour order."

I didn`t know an anti-social behaviour order was an early intervention !

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