Sunday, 14 February 2016

Technology will meet the national and global demand for social and emotional assessments

"Perhaps the greatest consensus in K-12 learning today centers upon the critical importance of student social and emotional learning and the development of their noncognitive character strengthstheir skills for success in school and life..."

"In the past decade or so, the common sense point of view of teachers in the field and educational leaders has been emphatically endorsed by researchers, social scientists, and think tanks, including Nobel Prize-winning economist James Heckman, New York Times journalist Paul Tough, MacArthur "genius" prize winner Angela Duckworth, the Hewlett Foundation, the RAND Corporation, the National Research Council, the Brookings Institute, and the New America Foundation, just to name a few..."

"And more still: Formative assessment is all the rage, thanks in part to the influence of John Hattie’s Visible Learning movement, and accordingly many schools and districts are seeking to provide better and more frequent dollops of feedback to students about their SEL progressand seek assessment tools and systems to do so. Coming from the Carnegie Endowment for the Advance of Teaching and elsewhere are demands for and interest in a greater use of measurement for continuous improvement. The example provided in Carnegie’s recent book about improvement measurement is of `productive persistence`."

"Many school systems nationally are particularly interested in strengthening student development of academic mindsets such as self-efficacy and the growth mindset; others are equally or also attentive to resilience and perseverance as paramount for their students. Yet another topic of fast-rising interest in the wake of adolescent depression and self-harming is student `wellness.` Work in all three of these domains demands better measurement methods to support educational initiatives designed to better prepare and support our youth and their healthy development..."

"The ProExam Center for Innovative Assessments is pleased to present in 2016 a true next-generation solution to meet the extraordinary demand for social and emotional learning and noncognitive character strength measurement..."

"The constructs measured are soundly built upon the many-decades-old and enormously research-validated psychological framework known as the Big Five factors. The Big Five is used to structure facets which every educator and every researcher recognizes as vital, malleable, and proven meaningful for success, such as dependability, persistence, curiosity, and agreeableness..."

"ProExam is a national leader in the credentialing and digital badging space, and, as an added benefit, this tool will provide the opportunity for schools to have their students earn competency-based credentials for demonstrated high proficiency in each construct."

"This is a truly comprehensive, wrap-around solution that meets the national and global demand for high quality social and emotional learning assessment."

Let us not forget UNESCO and the OECD who also engineered this extraordinary demand for social and emotional learning and the measurement of non-cognitive character strengths.

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