Sunday, 3 November 2019

Grenfell report leaked

"The 1,000-page report includes fierce criticism of the London Fire Brigade and concludes fewer people would have died without its failings. A warning: this report contains images of the fire some people may find distressing."


[Response from Fire Brigades Union]

"Before any firefighter arrived that night, Grenfell Tower was a death trap. Firefighters that night acted bravely in impossible circumstances, many of them repeatedly risking their own lives to save others. We welcome that this is reflected in the Inquiry’s report."

"Firefighters and control room staff are, as with any profession, only able to operate within their training and procedures. It is clear that no one had planned or prepared for an incident like Grenfell. The planning by fire service policy makers did not take account of a fire where compartmentation failed on such a scale..."

“It’s disgraceful that over two years since the fire and there has been no major review or assessment of the Stay Put policy. This could have been done within months of the fire and we have raised this with government ministers on numerous occasions. Concerns about stay put policy were raised with central government years before Grenfell, the government must stop dragging its heels and recognise the urgent need to act."

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Saturday, 2 November 2019

System detains young people inappropriately

"Evidence to the inquiry into the detention of young people with learning disabilities and/or autism was so `stark` and consistent that the Committee says it has `lost confidence that the system is doing what it says it is doing and the regulator's method of checking is not working. It has been left to the media, notably the BBC and Ian Birrell in the Mail on Sunday, to expose abuse. No-one thinks this is acceptable.` In relation to the Care Quality Commission, the Committee finds that `a regulator which gets it wrong is worse than no regulator at all`... "

"The Committee describes the `grim`, predictable pathway to inappropriate detention in these potentially `brutal` circumstances: Early family concerns raised with the GP or school lead to lengthy waits for assessment and diagnosis while the family struggles on alone, trying to cope. Then some trigger a home move, a parent falling ill unsettles the young person and their condition deteriorates. Professionals meet to discuss what should happen, but parents are not included. The child is taken away from their home and the familiarity and routine so essential to them, often many miles away and placed with strangers. Desperately concerned parents are treated as hostile and as a problem."

"Under these conditions, the young person unsurprisingly gets worse and is then put through physical restraint and solitary confinement - which the institution calls `seclusion`. As the child gets even worse so plans to return home are shelved. The days turn into weeks, then months and in some cases even years..."

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Virtuous Western Kids ?

"Hectoring young activists cling to all the benefits of industrial society while raging against the generations that gave them these benefits. In the pre-industrial age 80-90% of populations lived in subsistence, doing backbreaking work just to survive. Life was indeed nasty, brutish and short for the vast majority. People killed by climate disasters has plummeted by 95%. Energy fuelled growth and prosperity has lifted billions out of squalor to give them longer, healthier, safer and better educated lives."

"Who knew that ‘saving the world’ is acceptable for weekly school bunking? Yet the youth cling to electricity dependent, consumer driven lifestyle of upgrading and discarding electronics devices ever year or two while decrying capitalism as evil at its core. This is the cohort with computerised classes in air conditioned comfort, driven to school compared to previous generations who walked, cycled or took the bus."

"Meanwhile for the bottom two billion poor of the world, the main priority remains roti, kapda aur makaan. Should China apologise for achieving the fastest poverty reduction rate for the biggest number of people in history? Should a billion more Chinese, Indians and others who have stayed poor and destitute over the last three decades, go on that way so Western kids could feel virtuous-green? ..."

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