Saturday, 2 November 2019

Virtuous Western Kids ?

"Hectoring young activists cling to all the benefits of industrial society while raging against the generations that gave them these benefits. In the pre-industrial age 80-90% of populations lived in subsistence, doing backbreaking work just to survive. Life was indeed nasty, brutish and short for the vast majority. People killed by climate disasters has plummeted by 95%. Energy fuelled growth and prosperity has lifted billions out of squalor to give them longer, healthier, safer and better educated lives."

"Who knew that ‘saving the world’ is acceptable for weekly school bunking? Yet the youth cling to electricity dependent, consumer driven lifestyle of upgrading and discarding electronics devices ever year or two while decrying capitalism as evil at its core. This is the cohort with computerised classes in air conditioned comfort, driven to school compared to previous generations who walked, cycled or took the bus."

"Meanwhile for the bottom two billion poor of the world, the main priority remains roti, kapda aur makaan. Should China apologise for achieving the fastest poverty reduction rate for the biggest number of people in history? Should a billion more Chinese, Indians and others who have stayed poor and destitute over the last three decades, go on that way so Western kids could feel virtuous-green? ..."

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