Sunday, 3 November 2019

Grenfell report leaked

"The 1,000-page report includes fierce criticism of the London Fire Brigade and concludes fewer people would have died without its failings. A warning: this report contains images of the fire some people may find distressing."


[Response from Fire Brigades Union]

"Before any firefighter arrived that night, Grenfell Tower was a death trap. Firefighters that night acted bravely in impossible circumstances, many of them repeatedly risking their own lives to save others. We welcome that this is reflected in the Inquiry’s report."

"Firefighters and control room staff are, as with any profession, only able to operate within their training and procedures. It is clear that no one had planned or prepared for an incident like Grenfell. The planning by fire service policy makers did not take account of a fire where compartmentation failed on such a scale..."

“It’s disgraceful that over two years since the fire and there has been no major review or assessment of the Stay Put policy. This could have been done within months of the fire and we have raised this with government ministers on numerous occasions. Concerns about stay put policy were raised with central government years before Grenfell, the government must stop dragging its heels and recognise the urgent need to act."

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Saturday, 2 November 2019

System detains young people inappropriately

"Evidence to the inquiry into the detention of young people with learning disabilities and/or autism was so `stark` and consistent that the Committee says it has `lost confidence that the system is doing what it says it is doing and the regulator's method of checking is not working. It has been left to the media, notably the BBC and Ian Birrell in the Mail on Sunday, to expose abuse. No-one thinks this is acceptable.` In relation to the Care Quality Commission, the Committee finds that `a regulator which gets it wrong is worse than no regulator at all`... "

"The Committee describes the `grim`, predictable pathway to inappropriate detention in these potentially `brutal` circumstances: Early family concerns raised with the GP or school lead to lengthy waits for assessment and diagnosis while the family struggles on alone, trying to cope. Then some trigger a home move, a parent falling ill unsettles the young person and their condition deteriorates. Professionals meet to discuss what should happen, but parents are not included. The child is taken away from their home and the familiarity and routine so essential to them, often many miles away and placed with strangers. Desperately concerned parents are treated as hostile and as a problem."

"Under these conditions, the young person unsurprisingly gets worse and is then put through physical restraint and solitary confinement - which the institution calls `seclusion`. As the child gets even worse so plans to return home are shelved. The days turn into weeks, then months and in some cases even years..."

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Virtuous Western Kids ?

"Hectoring young activists cling to all the benefits of industrial society while raging against the generations that gave them these benefits. In the pre-industrial age 80-90% of populations lived in subsistence, doing backbreaking work just to survive. Life was indeed nasty, brutish and short for the vast majority. People killed by climate disasters has plummeted by 95%. Energy fuelled growth and prosperity has lifted billions out of squalor to give them longer, healthier, safer and better educated lives."

"Who knew that ‘saving the world’ is acceptable for weekly school bunking? Yet the youth cling to electricity dependent, consumer driven lifestyle of upgrading and discarding electronics devices ever year or two while decrying capitalism as evil at its core. This is the cohort with computerised classes in air conditioned comfort, driven to school compared to previous generations who walked, cycled or took the bus."

"Meanwhile for the bottom two billion poor of the world, the main priority remains roti, kapda aur makaan. Should China apologise for achieving the fastest poverty reduction rate for the biggest number of people in history? Should a billion more Chinese, Indians and others who have stayed poor and destitute over the last three decades, go on that way so Western kids could feel virtuous-green? ..."

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Sunday, 27 October 2019

Scottish childhoods: drugs, alcohol and beatings?

Or a simplistic view of adverse childhood experiences (ACEs)

[Alan Sinclair: Third Force News]

"Across Scotland today one child in four is assessed as vulnerable when they arrive at primary school. Vulnerable means they lack confidence, social skills, emotional maturity, language capability and good physical health. They have poor wellbeing. Many have experienced serious trauma in the form of abuse (sexual, drugs, alcohol), violence and neglect. There are 15,400 Scots children currently in the care of social services."

"Across Scotland in 2017, £310 million was spent on 1,600 young people in residential care. In Glasgow, 93 children were placed in specialist residential care at an average cost of £228,000 a year. Most of these young people have complex needs and have lead traumatised lives. What does that say about us as a society and as adults?"

"The latest medical and scientific research into the lifelong consequences of poor parenting on the development of babies’ brains points to the fact that damage begins in the womb, where the foetus suffers trauma through experiencing external influences ranging from the mother’s drugs and alcohol use to beatings from violent men. This damage is exacerbated once born if the baby suffers a lack of the loving care that mothers across most species devote to their young..."

"The result is generations of young Scots who are incapable of recognising love when they find it, and cannot give it when it is required. They are damaged beyond repair in their first 1,000 days of life, from conception to two years old, and society bears the huge cost of coping with their lifelong struggles."


A more academic approach to adverse childhood experiences (ACEs)

"The notion of ACEs has become internationally mobile from its creation in the USA two decades ago...The concept of ACEs is gaining increasing traction in the UK and more widely as a means for policymakers and professionals in a range of services, especially health, social work and policing, to develop and use ‘tickbox’ protocols that generate individual ACE ‘scores’, and to make algorithmic-based decisions: about how to target resources and at whom, and when and how to intervene..." 

"In the UK, ACEs have found a foothold in relation to the Troubled Families Programme, with its focus on targeted, intense and time-limited intervention to ‘turn around’ families displaying dysfunction according to a set of social indicators, to address and prevent the ‘root causes’ of mental and physical disease and intergenerational social disadvantage in early childhood experience (Crossley, 2018)."

"Macvarish and Lee provide an analysis of the various perspectives on the advantages and limitations of an ACEs approach..., arguing that there are links into the wider ‘first three years movement’ which homes in on parents as both the cause and solution to childhood adversities and determining of future outcomes..."

"Mcvarish and Lee identify the way that ACEs discourse is heavily gendered, with mothers positioned as deterministic mediators for their children with little consideration of their own adversities. Davidson and Carlin consider class-based inequalities and values in resilience-informed youth policy and practice in the ‘ACE-aware’ nation of Scotland, to unpack the way that injustice is reframed as individual deficiency and young people in deprived areas are assessed and held to account against middle class social values. They call for policies that change circumstances rather than individuals."

The myth of the first three years

"John Bruer offers a voice of sanity, common sense, and genuine expertise to counter the latest fad from the witch doctors of child development. Nothing is more important than understanding the growth of children's minds, and Bruer insightfully reviews the state of the art with admirable clarity, balance, intelligence, and humour. This is an indispensable book for parents, professionals, and anyone else who is interested in the fate of our children."

[Steven Pinker Director, Center for Cognitive Neuroscience, MIT, author of `The Language Instinct` and `How the Mind Works`]

Governor of Tavistock resigns


"The trust running the country’s only NHS gender identity service for children is under fire for dismissing a damning internal report that branded it `not fit for purpose`."

"Marcus Evans, one of the governors of The Tavistock and Portman NHS Foundation Trust has resigned, after accusing its management of having an `overvalued belief in` the expertise of its Gender Identity Development Service (GIDS) `which is used to dismiss challenge and examination`."

"Evans’s decision to part company with the London-based trust, after a 35-year association, will intensify scrutiny of the service which has found itself in the eye of a storm as thousands of young people considering transitioning to another gender seek its help."

"Some parents who contacted the Observer have accused the service of `fast-tracking` young people into changing gender, a charge strongly rejected by the service."

Stories that make the news and those that don`t

James English talks to Anna Brees, a former BBC journalist, about journalism in general and topics such as the cover-up of Westminster paedophiles.
Her book, `Making the News in 2018`, discusses why some stories get heard and others do not.

"Reflecting on my own experiences of working in a newsroom as a newspaper and TV reporter from 2000 until 2011, and, more recently, observing the impact of producing TV-style reports on my mobile device and boosting them on social media, this book is about the power of the message, the money to deliver it, and the instinct of truth and trust that follows."

"When I worked as a journalist, we didn’t have the all-encompassing social media presence in quite the same way as we do today. Journalism was an absolute necessity and existed as a point of contact, a person or organisation who collated and disseminated news. So, as I write this book in 2018, the question I pose is, do we really need journalists anymore?"

Assange court appearance

Craig Murray blogs about the recent court appearance of Julian Assange who is showing signs of psychological deterioration:

"The effort then seemed to become too much, his voice dropped and he became increasingly confused and incoherent. He spoke of whistleblowers and publishers being labeled enemies of the people, then spoke about his children’s DNA being stolen and of being spied on in his meetings with his psychologist. I am not suggesting at all that Julian was wrong about these points, but he could not properly frame nor articulate them. He was plainly not himself, very ill and it was just horribly painful to watch. Baraitser showed neither sympathy nor the least concern. She tartly observed that if he could not understand what had happened, his lawyers could explain it to him, and she swept out of court."

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Tuesday, 15 October 2019

Pornography education for children

Mike Robinson of UK Column was talking to Alex Thomson via video link on Friday 11 October 2019.

"Well this is the Times and the headline here is Parents take on John Swinney over porn lessons in new curriculum... That`s quite a headline."

"It is because `parents` is deliberately dishonest. Both the Times and the Scottish Sun came to this only yesterday whereas it had been put out on YouTube by the man asking the question the previous weekend. His name is Richard Lucas. His YouTube channel is easily found: Scottish Family Party. We`re not endorsing that or any other party, but it`s easily found. And there was disingenuously not a single mention... in the serious Times, or the sexualised dumbed down Sun, of the fact that it was Mr Lucas, the chairman of a political party, and he was just described as another dad in both of these articles."

Mike Robinson: "And he intervened in a Q and A with Mr Swinney; so let`s have a listen to what happened and how Swinney responded to this intervention..."

"Well my first response to this is that is quite a spectacular response to his intervention because as he rightly said ... in the middle of that, if that material is not suitable for that audience, and to be live streamed onto YouTube, how can it possibly be suitable for a high school or a primary school audience?"

"Correct Mike. The most shocking thing that most people have found about this much shared clip has been the arm waving lady. Now the real shocker is this: the arm waving lady is not officially the Scottish government. You might think that she was there as a bag carrier for John Swinney, the number two of the Scottish National Party, but no, she is in fact Joanna Murphy the chairwoman of National Parent Forum Scotland. Now the last term is the give away. Scotland, under the SNP, has done what Canada did in the 2000s, which is to tag the name of the country onto the end of a genuine NGO to create a government front NGO. So National Parent Forum Scotland, the last word negates the previous words. It is no longer therefore a national parent forum otherwise why would this lady be playing Stockholm syndrome for the sexualisation of children, which is what parents are supposed to be there to prevent? No, by putting Scotland on the end, she has become captured in the way that the whole of the third sector is, particularly in Scotland, and bounden to do the bidding of those who pay, which is the Scottish government."

"So there she is in a particularly egregious case of cognitive dissonance because she is there to be basically Scotland`s chief parent, although I know that title was stupidly given to Nicola Sturgeon, chief mammy, but she`s there representing the parents of Scotland, if anyone else is surely her, chairman of that body but she cannot abide what`s being said because she is there really to protect the Scottish government. It`s the unified government model again, the Scottish model of government."

"Absolutely, Well let`s just have a quick look at Swinney`s response to this.... So again Alex he is trying to fall back on the tired old position: this is just the way the world is and therefore we`ve got to bombard our children with this material to make sure that they`re equipped to deal with it but, in fact, there`s no evidence whatsoever that this protects children in any way. Quite the contrary this, in fact, drives these types of thoughts into the minds of children. It`s not a productive thing at all. It is a dangerous thing. Where is the precautionary principle in this case because again with respect to global warming and so on we have the precautionary principle shoved down our throats, but in this case, and... one or two other policy areas as well, it`s nowhere to be seen?" 

"Mike, wherever we see the precautionary principle thrown out the window, it is because the government and regulatory bodies are actually financially interested in one side of the equation and we`ve seen that with 5G, obviously, and here is the same case with pornography. I`m afraid it`s a repetition..."

"I agree absolutely and I`ve mentioned this several times before, that my mother who was a primary school principal always held the view that behaviour issues in schools were not being reflected by programmes such as Grange Hill, which the BBC was pushing out when we were children, Alex, but in fact the television programming was driving the behaviour problems in the schools and that applies equally here I think as well."

Monday, 14 October 2019

MMR vaccine should not be compulsory

"A campaigning Wigan mum, whose son was left brain-damaged by the MMR vaccine, has written to Britain’s health secretary urging him to ignore calls to make it compulsory."

"Robert Fletcher, 27, suffered a catastrophic reaction as a toddler to the triple jab that left him with the mental age of a 14-month-old, and was later awarded compensation from the Government’s Vaccine Damage Unit after a finding that the inoculation was to blame for his seizures."

"But his mother Jackie, who set up the pressure group Jabs to campaign for families still to have the option of single inoculations, has been dismayed at the continued medical establishment and government line that the combined measles, mumps and rubella injection, is perfectly safe."

"And now she has been moved to write to health secretary Matt Hancock after GP chairpersons of clinical commissioning groups in London urged him to promote compulsory MMR for four and five-year-olds."

"They want school entry procedures toughened so that the only exceptions made to the new rule would be for children whose parents have registered a conscientious objection to the triple jabs or those whose health means they cannot have it."

Sunday, 13 October 2019

Breaking the law and non-violent extremism

On Wednesday 9th October in Glasgow, a group of primary schoolchildren could be seen being paraded around an empty, wet George`s Square by their teacher chanting about climate change.

As one observer asked: "Should teachers be using young children like this for their own political agendas? " 

The spectacle was more dramatic in London over the weekend.

"Well speaking of destabilisation, of course, Extinction Rebellion have begun their protest in London today. Well, it led over the weekend with this." 

Referring to the recent demonstrations in London, Mike Robinson on UK Column News 7 October 2019 remarks: "Here`s a tweet from Damien Gayle: `Police use a battering ram to break into Extinction Rebellion warehouse `... Well they`re having a hard job getting in there it seems, the heavy door. If you read the rest of Damien Gayle`s tweets he`s been quite pro-Extinction Rebellion ... In fact the police was acting on behalf of the landlords who were wanting to get these people out and perhaps they were taking advantage of that to get some PR in; but no evidence today that the police are actually doing anything to get the Extinction Rebellion protesters off the streets."

"Or under control," adds Brian Gerrish.

"But we don`t need to worry because there`s a ... new Countering Extremism policy coming through because this is Sarah Khan who leads the commission on Countering Extremism and she`s carried out the first ever national conversation on extremism - I`m sure you know all about that."

Brian Gerrish says sarcastically: "Well I do now, yes. But I don`t think the average person does."

Mike Robinson: "Yes, so was there a national conversation then? I`m not aware there was. And she has apparently received the government`s current approach . So they have today decided to publish their findings and recommendations in their report which is called Challenging Hateful Extremism. And they have categorised a new kind of extremist behaviour outside terrorism and violent extremism which has been called `hateful extremism,` so that`s what we`re looking at now."

"So it says: `Hateful extremism is behaviour that can incite and amplify hate, or engage in persistent hatred, or equivocate about and make the moral case for violence; hateful extremism can also draw on hateful, hostile or supremacist beliefs directed at an out-group who are perceived as a threat to the wellbeing, survival or success of an in-group; that cause, or are likely to cause, harm to individuals, communities or wider society`."

"So the examples she gives are the spreading of hate filled views: LBGTQ+ people during the row over relationship teaching in Birmingham. Were you aware that there was hate filled rhetoric about LGBTQ over that?"

"Well of course there absolutely hasn`t been Mike. You wouldn`t believe that if you read the BBC report but if you follow through where the parents have protested in Birmingham, they are simply protesting that children`s innocence has been taken away too early with the RSE education and they are not directly focusing on anything to do with the LGBTQ community at all. It`s to do with the age of the children and the material that they`ve been given. So this seems like a back door effort to help clamp down on those parents, I would say."

"Amongst other things. So she also said, another example is: three quarters of those countering extremism on the ground have personally received abuse, intimidation and harassment because of their work; is what she`s claimed.. And she said that `unlike the government`s response to terrorism the current response to hateful extremism is inadequate and unfocused` so she`s calling for `a new focus and a robust victim centred and rights based approach to ensuring that we respond appropriately to the threat. And therefore she`s recommending a rebooted government strategy and a new taskforce led by the Home Secretary.` So they would `work with the Home Secretary, with government bodies and civil society to assess any ongoing or emerging situations and put a response in place`."

Brian Gerrish: "So this is `participatory democracy` - so called participatory democracy - because you`re not going to involve voters and the general public; you`re going to bring in the NGOs and the think tanks in order to get your desired policy across."

Mike Robinson: "Well indeed which is why this national conversation took place and nobody knows anything about it because, of course, the only people who took part in it were the NGOs and civil society organisations...."

"And charities."

"Yes, that she wants to encourage.... Well this was the Commission`s website when I took the screenshot of it this morning. Within ten minutes of me taking that they had put up the latest news story which is that the independent commission for countering extremism has published four new peer reviewed academic papers on Islamism and Sikh extremism. So they`re not talking about Extinction Rebellion, they`re not talking about anything other than Islamic extremism, and now Sikh extremism."

Four Academic Papers

`Mainstreaming Islamism: Islamist Institutions and Civil Society Organisations`
`Mainstream Islamism in Britain: Educating for the `Islamic Revival`
`What is to be Done about al-Mughajiroun? Containing the Emigrants in a Democratic Society`
`The changing nature of activism amongst Sikhs in the UK today` 

"And I thought that title was interesting because what they`re now doing is conflating activism with extremism. So if you`re an activist, you`re an extremist. But if you`re an activist for Extinction Rebellion, that`s not extremism."

Brian Gerrish: "Absolutely not."

Mike Robinson: "We`ll come on to that. So they`re saying that second generation street activism is getting too close to the far right, so really we`ve got to be concerned about that now."

"Right. So that`s fascinating. Actually if you have a look at Ms Khan on the internet, you`ll find a lot of people deeply concerned with her inability to do the job that she`s been given. But we`ll let you do your own research on that. But come to Extinction Rebellion because of course Extinction Rebellion has rapidly become the darling of the BBC. We`ve all seen the almost unlimited, free publicity, thanks to TV licence payers. So here`s one of the headlines: "

"`Who are Extinction Rebellion and what do they want? And they`ve gone from law breaking organisation to - we`ll show you why we`re saying that - to peaceful darling of the BBC. So these are the sorts of reports and what the BBC are saying. In London, it aims to `peacefully occupy the centres of power and shut them down.`We`ve got: What is Extinction Rebellion? And here it describes itself as an international `non-violent civil disobedience activist movement`." 

"This is another one that came out shortly before it became live. `Extinction Rebellion UK arrests as global demonstrations begin. They want governments to declare a `climate and ecological emergency` and take immediate action to address climate change`. Although interestingly Extinction Rebellion doesn`t say how, apart from a citizens committee. It describes itself as an `international non-violent civil disobedience activist movement`."

"So what can we say? Well this was an earlier report from the BBC and we highlighted it a couple of weeks ago... if you read this they had a journalist working for them..."

`2019 has marked a change in public attitudes to climate change driven in part by a huge new global protest movement.`

`In this timely and powerful documentary, reporter Ben Zand gains access to the most important of the protest groups, Extinction Rebellion. He is with them for four months, as they build towards `the rebellion` ll days of protest in April during which they take over and occupy four iconic locations in London.`

`The film follows three young people who have been inspired to join and lead the protests. Many are not only protesting for the first time in their lives but are also putting their liberty on the line to demand radical action from the government. We are there as they organise street protests and direct action - risking arrest for their commitment to the cause.`

`16-year-old Dan from south London has never been on a protest before. Since joining Extinction Rebellion in 2018, she has co-organised nationwide school strikes. Sam is 22 and a recent graduate, but now works full-time for Extinction Rebellion and is willing to get arrested again and again until something changes. Jack joined the movement recently at age 18. He is inspired by the tactics and research laid out by Extinction Rebellion and has an eye on organising controversial splinter actions for the movement`.

`Ben also spends time with the leader of the movement, Roger Hallam, who has spent years academically researching tactics for social change. He says you need 2000 people to get arrested and 400 people to go to prison if you want the government to meet your demands. Ben challenges him on his methods and asks whether it is justifiable to encourage young people to break the law.`

`This film is the first to get inside the new climate movements. It reveals how they have mobilised a generation to take radical action to help save the planet from climate change.`

"And he`s actually talking about young people under the age of sixteen. So the BBC knew the reality, knew Extinction Rebellion was grooming young people to break the law. All that`s now gone Mike. It`s now a wonderful peaceful organisation. And let`s have a look at this carefully manipulated BBC clip here. Here`s Roger Hallam himself: And if we have a look at the video and listen to what`s being said, fascinating stuff."

"Absolutely fascinating piece of BBC propaganda there. One of the clues as to what is going on here is the fact that the clip is two minutes and nineteen seconds long* . This means that it can be tweeted out. The limit is two minutes 20 seconds for a video clip. So what we`re seeing is the BBC taking an organisation which it has said has been calling for people to break the law - criminal activity, extremist activity- and it gives them a soundbite where now - oh no no no, the blame is not on Extinction Rebellion, the blame is going to be on the authorities as a result of peaceful Ghandi type action. This is disgraceful propaganda by the BBC in order to support Extinction Rebellion, and that clip absolutely crafted, for people essentially to copy and tweet out support for Extinction Rebellion."

"Now we`re just going to remind you that we got a hold of this document. which is Extinction Rebellion planning for people to break the law. We know that includes essentially children, those under the age of sixteen. `We need people prepared to be arrested and go to prison`. And we also confirmed... this document with Extinction Rebellion themselves. They said yes it`s their document, albeit one that is out of date. "

"We`ve also shown you that this excellent report by Richard Walton, the former SO15 counter extremism officer with the MET says that not only is this a dangerous law breaking organisation but actually it`s going for overthrow of the civil order and liberal democracy in UK. So that`s what a senior policeman says, but basically what does the BBC do? They promote them. Now in the background Extinction Rebellion is using Department for Education school facilities to recruit. This is the Grove school in Totness in Devon where they`ve been holding recruiting meetings. It`s freely available in the public domain. And this is the school itself."

"Now we have tried to ask the Department for Education for their policy on Extinction Rebellion and its use of schools to recruit, and the result has been secrecy, arrogance and a dismissive fob off. Now if this was Tommy Robinson and his crowd up to something Mike, or it was an organisation which had got the slightest hint of being right wing, we can imagine that these people would have been rounded up yesterday, but not Extinction Rebellion."

"And this is where it gets very interesting; because if you look at the government`s own website here`s Educate Against Hate and that is sponsored by the government, the Department for Education and the Home Office. It`s got a number on there. It says `If you`re concerned, call us,` which is what U|K Column did and this is the sort of response we got, that staff on the other end of the line wouldn`t give their names. They said: `We`re anonymous and we don`t give out names.` So we`ve got a secret organisation working within the Department for Education.  They obfuscated, they blurred the discussion; they were dismissive of the information we passed, most of which was in the public domain, that Extinction Rebellion is breaking the law and they clearly had little if any interest in any of the concerns. So we were eventually told to take our request for `What is the policy on Extinction Rebellion?` to the Department for Education press team. And at one stage there was a not very subtle attempt to say that the conversation was aggressive because we didn`t back down and give in to the fob off. They ended up by saying, email us information. So we are going to do that and we`ll see what the response is."

"But to come back to your lead Mike,  this is the Independent here reporting the Commission`s report and of course what is the focus? It`s on Islamic and right wing extremism. They`re not interested at all in anything to do with Extinction Rebellion."


"Now just to end the segment here, we did a little bit of homework on Countering Extremism. The document that`s the Policy 2015, this goes back to David Cameron and Teresa |May. So who`s in charge at the moment? Well we`ve got Priti Patel as Home Secretary, she`s responsible for Countering Extremism. We`ve got the Minister of State for Countering Extremism. That`s a Baroness William... She recently got a degree in nutrition. That`s going to get her a long way I think. And we`ve got this lady, Victoria Mary Atkins, barrister, now British Conservative party member Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for crime, safeguarding and vulnerability, and that includes countering extremism. We`ve got a lady inside the Department for Education who`s responsible for due diligence and countering extremism. She`s Sophie Taylor. I can`t find a picture of her but at least we`ve pinned down one of the key people and then we bring in Sarah Khan and her commission."

"But the reality is these people don`t want to deal with Extinction Rebellion even though it`s boasting it wants people to break the law and it`s recruiting people under the age of 16 using school facilities. So why would that be Mike? A guess from myself would be that actually Extinction Rebellion is partly being promoted by the government because of its climate change agenda."

"It represents a policy that the government is supportive of ..."

"And the rest can go under the carpet. We don`t mind what you do because the government wants this false climate agenda to come in. So we will keep asking the questions; we will be sending the Countering Extremism department more information and we`ll keep viewers and listeners up to date with what responses we get."

The Green Party and 5G

"Well let`s just remind people that at the end of last week the Green Party conference in Newport Wales was going on. But something that the Green Party didn`t want to get involved with was protesters warning about the dangers of 5G. So we`ve got a remarkable situation that the Green Party of course is everything about protecting the environment, except when people say: `Well ok what are you going to do about 5G?` and they don`t want to know. And a motion to talk about the dangers of 5G was prevented from getting into the conference debate. But people were outside protesting, so this caused some embarrassment to the Greens. This was a bit more of the protest outside the building itself, but lots of questions to be asked as to why the Green Party supposedly protecting the environment, protecting people, protecting nature, but when it comes to the big business of 5G they simply don`t want to know. So we`ll continue to ask questions on that front as well. "

* The copy of Hard Talk on the blog is from youtube and is over 20 minutes long in contrast to the version produced on UK Column

Saturday, 12 October 2019

Mounting injustice against developers of GcMAF

The Persecution of David Noakes and Lyn Thyer continues.

"Lyn is defined as a terrorist in France for curing cancer. She’s not been charged with any crime, and is rotting in a French jail. She won’t live much longer. French prisons are the worst in Europe. The MHRA has seized the money from David Noakes and his wife. Their money goes to the judge, the prosecution and the Police..."

"David is now facing extradition... "

See: Promising role for Gc-MAF in cancer immunotherapy: from bench to bedside [link below] and other academic reports on Google Scholar which substantiate David`s claims about this human protein.

Thursday, 3 October 2019

Smacking, now a criminal offence

"Scotland has become the first country in the UK to make it a criminal offence for parents to smack their children."

"The ban on all physical punishment was backed overwhelmingly by 84 votes to 29 by the Scottish Parliament on Thursday afternoon."

"The move will give children in Scotland the same protection from assault as adults when it comes into force."

"Parents and carers are currently allowed to use `reasonable` physical force to discipline their children."

"The smacking ban bill was introduced by Scottish Greens MSP John Finnie, a former police officer, who won the support of the SNP, Labour and Lib Dems as well as his own party and many children's charities."

"Opinion polls have suggested a majority of people in Scotland are opposed to a smacking ban - with critics arguing that the current law is sufficient, and that the changes risk criminalising "good" parents."

"But most of the responses to a consultation on Mr Finnie's bill were in favour of a ban, and the move has been widely supported by children's charities."  

Saturday, 28 September 2019

Gender neutrality and diversity

"This was a story in the UK that came out at the end of last week," said Brian Gerrish on UK Column. "It was a school in Lewes and basically they`ve adopted gender-neutral uniforms and certainly the pupils, the girl pupils, not happy about this at all. So some of the teenage girls protested outside the school gates whereupon the school brought in police. And if you read the article there were people who were complaining that essentially that although the police did eventually go, there was a police officer defending the school against teenage girls who were unhappy at being told they couldn`t go to school because they dared to wear dresses."

"Well if you think this is one-off stuff, it`s not. This is now being rolled out across the country. So we were also given a heads up on this. Nottinghamshire Live report here. And this is about the teaching of sexual education in one of the Nottingham schools, Shirebrook Academy. It says they are set for a new trial of a controversial sex education programme . It`s the Relationships and Sex Education (RSE) material which is due to be rolled out across the country in September in 2020."

Mike Robinson: "So you said `trial`...So these children are being used as guinea pigs ? "

"Absolutely. And this school is particularly proud of that. We`ll get onto to that a little bit more."

"Pupils at the school will be able to give their feedback to the government."

 "I found that a very interesting comment. So the parents gently pushed off to one side, although the government claims there`s been consultation, but it`s the pupils who`ll be able to give their feedback. ... The pupils have given some good feedback to date because they`ve been protesting outside the gates."

"The curriculum guidelines are changing for the first time in nearly 20 years to introduce new topics, such as mental health and online safety. Other topics will include sharing explicit photos and pornography online, sexual and gender identities within families, and the need to respect and protect their relationships."

"Well let`s have a look at one of the key people. This is Mark Cottingham, the principal of  Shirebrook Academy and he said this:"

"There has been plenty of controversy surrounding the inclusion of topics within the updated RSE curriculum, with parents at some schools unhappy with themes they feel conflict with their personal beliefs. Our school already puts a lot of time and effort into teaching tolerance and acceptance and we are proud that this commitment means that we have had no hesitation in agreeing to become an early-adopter."

"So they know there`s been protests - this is what it was about in Birmingham, where uniquely we had Christian, Muslim and Jewish communities, all coming together to protest they didn`t want their children being indoctrinated. This man says: `Yes, we know all that but we`re proud to get this through`, and in it comes."

"He said: `We believe it`s our duty to support all of our students but also to prepare everyone for a world where people have more and more diverse identities. The RSC is not about telling them who or what to be or encouraging one identity above the other but making them aware of the differences and encouraging empathy and openness instead.` These statements, as you see in the government statements, they`re contradictory, because they are putting an agenda to the forefront - that`s the diversity agenda.  If you want to stick with the status quo of heterosexual relationships and one-to-one marriage, then this man`s policy is not for you. But he`s not interested in any other opinion apart from the one that is going to be pushed through the school."

Mike Robinson: "But if you look at what he says there `Also to prepare everyone for a world where people have more and more diverse identities. Who decided the world was going to be one where more and more people had ... diverse identities? Is he suggesting this is a natural evolution? Or is there something else going on?"

"Well, of course, he doesn`t say. If we follow through these sorts of policies we invariably end up at the United Nations, Mike. But the stop before that is of course our own government, and this is where the whole thing stems from: `Relationships education, relationships and sex education (RSE) and health education ... So I encourage people to go and have a look at this on the government site."
"And Get the Facts. So it says it`s introducing this: `Through these subjects, we want to support all young people to be happy, healthy and safe. We want to equip them for adult life and to make a positive contribution to society throughout our engagement process as we develop this curriculum. We`ve heard a number of wide-ranging concerns - most of which they`ve just simply ignored."

"So these are some of the questions. Do I have a right to withdraw my child from Relationships and Sex Education?" 

"Parents will have a right to withdraw their child from sex education delivered as part of RSE ... Then it says in the second paragraph. There is no right to withdraw from Relationships Education at primary or secondary as we believe the contents of these subjects - such as family, friendship, safety - are important for all children to be taught."

Mike Robinson: "Who is we ?"

"Who is we ?"

"Well this is the advisers for the government, of course. But we know that many people are deeply concerned about... what they propose to teach primary school children, but they`re being told here clearly by the government: `Well you don`t count as a parent; we`re going to tell you what your child is going to be taught and you`ve got no right to withdraw`."

"And then it goes on: `Will these subjects promote LGBT relationships? No, these subjects don`t `promote` anything, they educate.` Well this is a lie, because the whole of this is promoting a particular agenda, and parents are being told: `We`re going to get hold of your small children and re-educate them and you`re not going to have a say`."
"So I`m going to say `immensely dangerous stuff`. People should read this and see what`s happening. Now let`s come onto the media and here`s the BBC with Teach/ Class Clips. RSE KS2: Identity - Understanding sexual and gender identities. And in this film clip, we are to believe the BBC... these trusted people - we don`t know who they are - and these children are coming out with the most amazing questions about very, very difficult subjects."

"Now to my mind the average seven, eight, nine year old does not know these topics. So these topics have been introduced, the pot stirred for the children, to then [they] come forward confused and ask questions. We`ve got an unknown group of people who are giving the answers. To my mind, immensely dangerous. As a parent, immensely dangerous, but here`s the BBC standing up to say it believes in transparent media, fair media, involved in what I consider to be propaganda."  

"This is one of the documents - it`s from the BBC: LGBT Culture and Progression. I think that`s a very interesting picture of where the BBC stands on this topic. We`re not discussing right and wrong, we`re simply saying how much effort is put into a particular topic."

Tuesday, 24 September 2019

No safety studies for 5G

Former Microsoft Canada President, Frank Clegg, speaks about the risks of 5G wireless technology.

Gender neutrality: a step too far?


Confusion is also going to be created more widely.

For example:
"Trans people will be permitted to change their sex on the next official census, despite warnings it could mean the statistics become `skewed"

"Guidance for the forthcoming survey in 2021 will give respondents the option to state their sex is `different from what is on your birth certificate`."

"It is feared the advice, which applies to both adults and children, could distort population data upon which the Government bases future policy." [This is an important point since the pattern of diseases is different in the two sexes and so are the needs for maternity services.]

Friday, 20 September 2019

Scotland celebrates the passing of the Named Person

[UK Column News: 20 September 2019]

David Scott talks about the repeal of the Named Person legislation in Scotland:

"Well, yesterday was a bit of a red letter day... a brief moment of celebration, because Mr Swinney, the responsible minister, stood up in the Scottish Parliament and announced that the whole thing - at least in a legislative sense - was being scrapped. So here we see the report from the Christian Institute who led the legal challenge and led the `No to the Named Person` campaign... They`re saying `Named Person scheme axed by Scottish government. Parents are celebrating today after the Scottish government officially announced the end of the intrusive Named Person scheme. Three years after ...the Supreme Court ruled against key elements of the scheme, in a case spearheaded by the Christian Institute, the government has finally agreed to repeal the entire Named Person legislation`."

"So it`s all - at least in a statutory sense - going to go."

Brian Gerrish: "I was just going to say: `and this really shows people.` We have so many people who say: `Yes, we now understand what`s happening in this country, how all this crass legislation is being brought in, what can we do about it? And it has been consistent work by a relatively few - a relatively small group of people - that`s brought this change about in Scotland. I don`t know whether you`d like to add a bit to that."

David Scott: "Well it has. This is real people power because the state developed this in secret; it has every state department on board; it had all of the charities that receive significant government funding involved in developing the scheme. And all of the organisations that are meant to protect human rights were all either asleep at the wheel or actually enabling this to go forward. So it was left to a small number of individuals to tell the people what the scheme actually was, and the thing that really destroyed it - then the legal case was an excellent spearhead and did a lot of damage - but the thing that really destroyed it. [was] that they could not persuade the people to accept this intrusion into their lives and it was getting that message out that really turned the corner for them."

"So this is the Herald supporting it here as a political story. Swinney `humiliated` here as another of his flagship plans is scrapped. Now this is correct, the Scottish Government`s having a lot of failures at the moment, but really the... true story here is that a major move into fascism, into totalitarianism, has been defeated by public pressure and helped by the Supreme Court. It`s noticeable that the courts in Scotland all backed the government but when it went to the Supreme Court, the story was different."


"The BBC reported it - here we are. BBC News: `Named Person scheme scrapped by the Scottish government.` Now, in the very next line, this is the line they put in bold... underneath the article they said the following: `The Scottish government has scrapped its controversial plan to appoint a named person to safeguard the welfare of every child in the country`."

"So six years into the national campaign which they have been reporting all the way along, the BBC still get it wrong... I just want to emphasise how stupid this is, or craven, because this is the lie that the state`s been saying. This is the lie that the state`s been pushing the whole time. When there was a debate up in Inverness and the minister responsible then, Aileen Campbell, was getting ripped apart by people who knew what they were talking about, and she was on the phone, you could hear the adviser whisper to her `child protection` because the line has always been that this is about child protection; it`s about welfare. Welfare is defined in law; it`s risk of significant harm. There`s nobody in the country who`s saying that children should be put at risk of significant harm. That`s a lie by the BBC, right."

Emphasising once again that the Named Person was never about welfare, David Scott says: "It`s not about welfare; it`s about wellbeing, which means anything the government wants it to mean and is completely undefined. And six years into this campaign, the BBC is still pushing out the lie."

"It`s pathetic."


More about the BBC`s coverage of the Named Person scheme is on Friday`s UK Column News:

Saturday, 7 September 2019

The Royal Connection

Brian Gerrish in the UK Column studio, 28 August 2019: "Well, let`s end with the subject of Jeffrey Epstein. Of course this came to a head about the time we did our last news early in the month, but the story is continuing to drag on. Here`s the BBC: Jeffrey Epstein accuser urges Prince Andrew to `come clean` So it`s saying a woman who accused the late financier Jeffrey Epstein of sex abuse and alleged she was forced to have sex with Prince Andrew as a l7-year-old has urged the UK royal to `come clean`... She`s said this in writing but she`s also said this in front of cameras very recently. `Speaking after a hearing for alleged victims in the wake of Epstein`s death, Virginia Giuffre told reporters the prince `knows what he`s done`. "

"The Duke of York denies the accusations; and then it said: `Epstein killed himself in his prison cell this month while awaiting trial on sex trafficking and conspiracy charges`. That was remarkably convenient and got rid of a lot of problems for a lot of people I think." 

"But let`s follow the BBC report through because they don`t actually give the main detail about Prince Andrew. You`ve got to connect via web links embedded in the article. So it`s very interesting to see how the BBC plays this. If you do connect on the links it all becomes a bit explicit because here`s Prince Andrew together with his young lady ... on location in one of Epstein`s houses and of course this is the other picture which won`t go away which is of Prince Andrew with Epstein in Central Park after Epstein had been released from prison and was, therefore, at that stage a convicted paedophile. So where does this go?"

"Well if you follow the BBC article through who did it end with? It ended with a picture of Epstein alongside Trump. So there`s all the charges. What was Epstein charged with? That`s listed quite simply. What`s the last image that the BBC puts in your mind? It isn`t Prince Andrew, it`s Trump. I thought this was a very carefully crafted article."

"But this was the Guardian. `Prince Andrew knows what he`s done says Jeffrey Epstein accuser. Royal has previously denied Virginia Giuffre`s accusation that she was forced to have sex with him and this is what Andrew said. He made Epstein`s acquaintance in 1999 and saw him once or maybe twice each year. The prince also said he stayed at several of Epstein`s homes. He did not see, witness or suspect any behaviour of the sort that subsequently led to Epstein`s arrest and conviction.` So that`s good. He added. `I`ve said previously it was a mistake, an error, to see him after his release from prison in 2010 and I can only reiterate my regret that I was mistaken to think that what I thought I knew of him was evidently not the real person, given what we now know`."

"That`s surprising isn`t it? Because he`d been released from prison after being found guilty of what was effectively a paedophile offence."

Mike Robinson: "Yes that`s an untenable position to be taking."

Brian Gerrish: "I think this is desperation because it`s complete rubbish. `The prince also said his suicide has left many unanswered questions and I acknowledge and sympathise with everyone who`s been affected and wants some form of closure`..."

"We`d like to say that as far as the Prince is concerned we remember: Oxford and Cherwell Valley CollegeIt`s going back to 2011 when the UK Column did a lot of work on the abuse of youngsters at that college; and we also became aware that Prince Andrew was due to visit the college and warned one of his aides that the college had been involved in some pretty appalling stuff with the students. But Prince Andrew continued with the visit and he went and visited one of the worst of the workshops where abuse had taken place. So he didn`t seem very concrned about that angle."

"But somebody took up the case though and they started to ask some Freedom of Information questions about the college and his visit and I just thought people would be interested to see that the response that Mr Roberts got was effectively to say: `Well we can`t give you too much information because it concerns the Royal Family."

"I refer to your recent request concerning all letters and emails relating to the recent visit of Prince Andrew to the College. I would refer you to section 40 relating to personal data 37 (1) (ac and ad) in respect of communications with the Royal Family and the Royal Household and Section 38 which relates to endangering the safety of an individual..."

"So if you ask questions about a royal visit to a college where the abuse of children has taken place they can`t tell you anything because it might endanger the Royal Family."

"Yes brilliant."

"And here we`ve got a bit more.... 37 ac and ad are qualified exemptions and therefore subject to a public interest test. But essentially, the public is not going to get any information when they ask questions."

"And we`ll end on this report from the Mail. We`ve got another lady coming forward to report abuse: `British actress, 42, went to school with Kate Middleton, revealed she was manipulated coerced and sexually abused by Jeffrey Epstein as a teenager at a hearing alongside 30 of the paedophile`s victims`. But embedded in the Mail article was this paragraph."

"`Epstein`s lawyers were also given a chance to speak. They suggested, shockingly, that he had been murdered and said his neck injuries were more consistent with a homicide than suicide`. They told the judge they had hired their own experts to look into whether or not the disgraced paedophile might have been killed."

"That was the little piece buried in the article. The Mail to its credit put a bit more information in. They had this:" 
"Officials said Epstein hanged himself with a bed sheet from the top set of bunks. He was found with several broken bones in his neck, including the hyoid bone, when guards were doing their morning rounds. Revelations of the broken bones in his neck lead to speculation that his death was a homicide. Breakages to that specific one can occur when people hang themselves but are more commonly seen in victims who have been strangled, according to forensic experts."

"So that didn`t appear in the BBC report but the Mail did get it out, but our take on it  is that it is a very convenient death - of Mr Epstein - and of course the palace will now do their best to stay in the background. and let it all disappear into the long grass."

Mike Robinson. "I hope that will not be allowed to happen."


Celtic FC may face legal action


[Stephen Deal]

"Celtic FC could face legal action in the coming weeks over sexual abuse at Celtic Boys Club, a law firm has said."

"A solicitor representing abuse survivors said preparations are being made to bring a `small number` of test cases against the Scottish champions."

"A number of senior figures at the boys club which was not formally affiliated with Celtic FC, have been jailed for sex abuse.
Thompsons Solicitors represents more than 20 abuse survivors from the boys club. Patrick McGuire, a partner at Thompsons said: `Celtic lawyers have refused in any meaningful way to discuss these cases and we find ... the only way forward is to take a series of test cases to the courts`."

"James McCafferty a former youth coach, was jailed for more than six years in May after admitting a string of historic sex offences against boys. In February, former youth football boss Frank Cairney was jailed for four years while last November James Torbett, who was involved in setting up Celtic Boys Club, was jailed for six ears."

"During the summer, Celtic chief executive Peter Lawwell said that the club had been conducting its own investigations for the last two years, led by a `wholly independent and experienced lawyer`."

[Metro September 4 2019]

The dangers of the HR5 Equality Act:

[Dr. Michael Laidlaw ]

"No child should be prescribed cross-sex hormones - meaning hormones of the opposite sex. Girls are being injected with high dose testosterone. Boys are receiving high dose female hormones like estrogen. These medications bring about serious cardiovascular risks such as heart attack, strokes, and deadly blood clots, and therefore should NEVER be given to children. This should be obvious."

"Mastectomies of perfectly healthy breasts are happening to girls as young as age 13 and 14 in the United States. How can these girls provide informed consent as they are not fully mature adults? This should never happen."

"When I learned that the NIH had given nearly $6 million to four pediatric gender clinics in the United States with no control group and no randomization as would be expected in a study of this type, I filed a Freedom of Information Act request with my colleagues to obtain the study records. While I was unable to obtain the unsigned consent forms for human research, I did uncover this absolutely stunning finding:"

"In 2017, the principal investigator, pediatrician Johanna Olson-Kennedy of Children’s Hospital Los Angeles lowered the age of cross-sex hormones (meaning hormones of the opposite sex) from age 13 to age 8."

"Tell me, how can a little child consent to this? How can they possibly understand the harms? How is this permissible legally or ethically?"

"I'm very concerned that H.R.5, the Equality Act will lead to medical protocols like the one funded by the NIH being implemented all across the nation."

Telecom transmitters outside schools

Mark Steele reports that he has been getting a lot of questions about 5G transmitters being placed near schools. How safe are they?

"It`s a bit bizarre," he says "How these telecom companies - allowed by councils -  are putting transmitters up next to schools. 
The Council of Europe says the radiation transmitted should be no more than 200 millivolts."

Mike records a level of 1500 millivolts outside a school where hundreds of children are playing in the playground.

Wednesday, 4 September 2019

Call for EMF guidelines

"There is currently an international appeal ( php/emf-scientist-appeal) signed by 237 EMF scientists from 41 nations urging the UN and particularly the WHO to exert strong leadership in fostering the development of more protective EMF guidelines, encouraging precautionary measures, and educating the public about health risks, particularly risk to children and fetal development."