Saturday, 7 September 2019

The dangers of the HR5 Equality Act:

[Dr. Michael Laidlaw ]

"No child should be prescribed cross-sex hormones - meaning hormones of the opposite sex. Girls are being injected with high dose testosterone. Boys are receiving high dose female hormones like estrogen. These medications bring about serious cardiovascular risks such as heart attack, strokes, and deadly blood clots, and therefore should NEVER be given to children. This should be obvious."

"Mastectomies of perfectly healthy breasts are happening to girls as young as age 13 and 14 in the United States. How can these girls provide informed consent as they are not fully mature adults? This should never happen."

"When I learned that the NIH had given nearly $6 million to four pediatric gender clinics in the United States with no control group and no randomization as would be expected in a study of this type, I filed a Freedom of Information Act request with my colleagues to obtain the study records. While I was unable to obtain the unsigned consent forms for human research, I did uncover this absolutely stunning finding:"

"In 2017, the principal investigator, pediatrician Johanna Olson-Kennedy of Children’s Hospital Los Angeles lowered the age of cross-sex hormones (meaning hormones of the opposite sex) from age 13 to age 8."

"Tell me, how can a little child consent to this? How can they possibly understand the harms? How is this permissible legally or ethically?"

"I'm very concerned that H.R.5, the Equality Act will lead to medical protocols like the one funded by the NIH being implemented all across the nation."

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