Saturday 28 September 2019

Gender neutrality and diversity

"This was a story in the UK that came out at the end of last week," said Brian Gerrish on UK Column. "It was a school in Lewes and basically they`ve adopted gender-neutral uniforms and certainly the pupils, the girl pupils, not happy about this at all. So some of the teenage girls protested outside the school gates whereupon the school brought in police. And if you read the article there were people who were complaining that essentially that although the police did eventually go, there was a police officer defending the school against teenage girls who were unhappy at being told they couldn`t go to school because they dared to wear dresses."

"Well if you think this is one-off stuff, it`s not. This is now being rolled out across the country. So we were also given a heads up on this. Nottinghamshire Live report here. And this is about the teaching of sexual education in one of the Nottingham schools, Shirebrook Academy. It says they are set for a new trial of a controversial sex education programme . It`s the Relationships and Sex Education (RSE) material which is due to be rolled out across the country in September in 2020."

Mike Robinson: "So you said `trial`...So these children are being used as guinea pigs ? "

"Absolutely. And this school is particularly proud of that. We`ll get onto to that a little bit more."

"Pupils at the school will be able to give their feedback to the government."

 "I found that a very interesting comment. So the parents gently pushed off to one side, although the government claims there`s been consultation, but it`s the pupils who`ll be able to give their feedback. ... The pupils have given some good feedback to date because they`ve been protesting outside the gates."

"The curriculum guidelines are changing for the first time in nearly 20 years to introduce new topics, such as mental health and online safety. Other topics will include sharing explicit photos and pornography online, sexual and gender identities within families, and the need to respect and protect their relationships."

"Well let`s have a look at one of the key people. This is Mark Cottingham, the principal of  Shirebrook Academy and he said this:"

"There has been plenty of controversy surrounding the inclusion of topics within the updated RSE curriculum, with parents at some schools unhappy with themes they feel conflict with their personal beliefs. Our school already puts a lot of time and effort into teaching tolerance and acceptance and we are proud that this commitment means that we have had no hesitation in agreeing to become an early-adopter."

"So they know there`s been protests - this is what it was about in Birmingham, where uniquely we had Christian, Muslim and Jewish communities, all coming together to protest they didn`t want their children being indoctrinated. This man says: `Yes, we know all that but we`re proud to get this through`, and in it comes."

"He said: `We believe it`s our duty to support all of our students but also to prepare everyone for a world where people have more and more diverse identities. The RSC is not about telling them who or what to be or encouraging one identity above the other but making them aware of the differences and encouraging empathy and openness instead.` These statements, as you see in the government statements, they`re contradictory, because they are putting an agenda to the forefront - that`s the diversity agenda.  If you want to stick with the status quo of heterosexual relationships and one-to-one marriage, then this man`s policy is not for you. But he`s not interested in any other opinion apart from the one that is going to be pushed through the school."

Mike Robinson: "But if you look at what he says there `Also to prepare everyone for a world where people have more and more diverse identities. Who decided the world was going to be one where more and more people had ... diverse identities? Is he suggesting this is a natural evolution? Or is there something else going on?"

"Well, of course, he doesn`t say. If we follow through these sorts of policies we invariably end up at the United Nations, Mike. But the stop before that is of course our own government, and this is where the whole thing stems from: `Relationships education, relationships and sex education (RSE) and health education ... So I encourage people to go and have a look at this on the government site."
"And Get the Facts. So it says it`s introducing this: `Through these subjects, we want to support all young people to be happy, healthy and safe. We want to equip them for adult life and to make a positive contribution to society throughout our engagement process as we develop this curriculum. We`ve heard a number of wide-ranging concerns - most of which they`ve just simply ignored."

"So these are some of the questions. Do I have a right to withdraw my child from Relationships and Sex Education?" 

"Parents will have a right to withdraw their child from sex education delivered as part of RSE ... Then it says in the second paragraph. There is no right to withdraw from Relationships Education at primary or secondary as we believe the contents of these subjects - such as family, friendship, safety - are important for all children to be taught."

Mike Robinson: "Who is we ?"

"Who is we ?"

"Well this is the advisers for the government, of course. But we know that many people are deeply concerned about... what they propose to teach primary school children, but they`re being told here clearly by the government: `Well you don`t count as a parent; we`re going to tell you what your child is going to be taught and you`ve got no right to withdraw`."

"And then it goes on: `Will these subjects promote LGBT relationships? No, these subjects don`t `promote` anything, they educate.` Well this is a lie, because the whole of this is promoting a particular agenda, and parents are being told: `We`re going to get hold of your small children and re-educate them and you`re not going to have a say`."
"So I`m going to say `immensely dangerous stuff`. People should read this and see what`s happening. Now let`s come onto the media and here`s the BBC with Teach/ Class Clips. RSE KS2: Identity - Understanding sexual and gender identities. And in this film clip, we are to believe the BBC... these trusted people - we don`t know who they are - and these children are coming out with the most amazing questions about very, very difficult subjects."

"Now to my mind the average seven, eight, nine year old does not know these topics. So these topics have been introduced, the pot stirred for the children, to then [they] come forward confused and ask questions. We`ve got an unknown group of people who are giving the answers. To my mind, immensely dangerous. As a parent, immensely dangerous, but here`s the BBC standing up to say it believes in transparent media, fair media, involved in what I consider to be propaganda."  

"This is one of the documents - it`s from the BBC: LGBT Culture and Progression. I think that`s a very interesting picture of where the BBC stands on this topic. We`re not discussing right and wrong, we`re simply saying how much effort is put into a particular topic."

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