Monday, 2 September 2019

Adoption concerns

[Julie D]

"Three years ago, I wrote a blog post, `Can an adoption order be undone?` The answer was, only in very exceptional circumstances. A new High Court judgment..., ZH v HS & others [2019] EWHC 2190, has not broken any new ground, but gives us a further example of the sort of procedural flaws that are so serious they undermine the granting of the order. ..
No one had noticed that T had not lived with the ‘adopters’ for the statutory period required

The correct notice had not been given to the local authority

The required checks on the aunt and uncle were not carried out

The required medical assessments had not been undertaken

The parents had not been notified, nor their consent sought

The local authority’s report to court had several omissions and had not been written with the ‘adopters’ understanding that they were taking on full parental responsibility for T.

The court didn’t appoint a Cafcass guardian.
It is almost impossible to understand how such a flawed application could have proceeded through the local authority and court processes."
 Julie D


Although we are told that the above case is not about forced adoption it does not inspire confidence in any of the adoption processes. Years of complaints have not improved the situation.

Here`s a recap from RT [2015]:

Escalation of concerns:

"Up to five years ago ... the only abuse was physical abuse, neglect and sexual abuse... Then there were two and a half thousand cases reported each year to... social services. Two and a half thousand causes of intervention."

"Over the five years a new category has come into being called emotional abuse ...there were thirteen thousand eight hundred cases... involving social services intervention ... This is a result of an unholy alliance between social workers and the psychiatric profession."

[Brian Rothery, retired journalist, human rights activist, Ireland]

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