Tuesday, 15 October 2019

Pornography education for children

Mike Robinson of UK Column was talking to Alex Thomson via video link on Friday 11 October 2019.

"Well this is the Times and the headline here is Parents take on John Swinney over porn lessons in new curriculum... That`s quite a headline."

"It is because `parents` is deliberately dishonest. Both the Times and the Scottish Sun came to this only yesterday whereas it had been put out on YouTube by the man asking the question the previous weekend. His name is Richard Lucas. His YouTube channel is easily found: Scottish Family Party. We`re not endorsing that or any other party, but it`s easily found. And there was disingenuously not a single mention... in the serious Times, or the sexualised dumbed down Sun, of the fact that it was Mr Lucas, the chairman of a political party, and he was just described as another dad in both of these articles."

Mike Robinson: "And he intervened in a Q and A with Mr Swinney; so let`s have a listen to what happened and how Swinney responded to this intervention..."

"Well my first response to this is that is quite a spectacular response to his intervention because as he rightly said ... in the middle of that, if that material is not suitable for that audience, and to be live streamed onto YouTube, how can it possibly be suitable for a high school or a primary school audience?"

"Correct Mike. The most shocking thing that most people have found about this much shared clip has been the arm waving lady. Now the real shocker is this: the arm waving lady is not officially the Scottish government. You might think that she was there as a bag carrier for John Swinney, the number two of the Scottish National Party, but no, she is in fact Joanna Murphy the chairwoman of National Parent Forum Scotland. Now the last term is the give away. Scotland, under the SNP, has done what Canada did in the 2000s, which is to tag the name of the country onto the end of a genuine NGO to create a government front NGO. So National Parent Forum Scotland, the last word negates the previous words. It is no longer therefore a national parent forum otherwise why would this lady be playing Stockholm syndrome for the sexualisation of children, which is what parents are supposed to be there to prevent? No, by putting Scotland on the end, she has become captured in the way that the whole of the third sector is, particularly in Scotland, and bounden to do the bidding of those who pay, which is the Scottish government."

"So there she is in a particularly egregious case of cognitive dissonance because she is there to be basically Scotland`s chief parent, although I know that title was stupidly given to Nicola Sturgeon, chief mammy, but she`s there representing the parents of Scotland, if anyone else is surely her, chairman of that body but she cannot abide what`s being said because she is there really to protect the Scottish government. It`s the unified government model again, the Scottish model of government."

"Absolutely, Well let`s just have a quick look at Swinney`s response to this.... So again Alex he is trying to fall back on the tired old position: this is just the way the world is and therefore we`ve got to bombard our children with this material to make sure that they`re equipped to deal with it but, in fact, there`s no evidence whatsoever that this protects children in any way. Quite the contrary this, in fact, drives these types of thoughts into the minds of children. It`s not a productive thing at all. It is a dangerous thing. Where is the precautionary principle in this case because again with respect to global warming and so on we have the precautionary principle shoved down our throats, but in this case, and... one or two other policy areas as well, it`s nowhere to be seen?" 

"Mike, wherever we see the precautionary principle thrown out the window, it is because the government and regulatory bodies are actually financially interested in one side of the equation and we`ve seen that with 5G, obviously, and here is the same case with pornography. I`m afraid it`s a repetition..."

"I agree absolutely and I`ve mentioned this several times before, that my mother who was a primary school principal always held the view that behaviour issues in schools were not being reflected by programmes such as Grange Hill, which the BBC was pushing out when we were children, Alex, but in fact the television programming was driving the behaviour problems in the schools and that applies equally here I think as well."

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