Saturday, 13 February 2016

Case assessment: Norway

Attorney Sigurd Klomsæt:
Attorney Sigurd Klomsæt

"Nowadays I am conducting two heart-wrenching cases. A baby has been taken away from a young family. I was appointed at a late stage, and it is difficult when Barnevernet has taken firm hold. In the other case we have been able to keep Barnevernet at bay."

"– My experience is that if Barnevernet has first taken hold, then it is very difficult to take the children back. We are dealing with a systemic error. Barnevernet has incompetent, self-appointed experts that think they know better than you and me and everybody else what is the best for the children. Sadly, they have an army of psychologists who make their living by supporting Barnevernet in the counties. "

"Counter-expertise is available, but not many are able to pay for that. Hence, it becomes a battle between unequals, where so-called experts rule, and where the County Board and the courts are left to pick experts from the selection that is already under the influence of Barnevernet, and that hardly complies with the demand for independence. Psychology is simply and foremost a form of qualified quesswork or `reasoning`, and not a real science... There is a need for a radical systemic alteration for the sake of the children, underscores Per Danielsen. All parents must have the right to publicly-financed experts. Not just the high and mighty - which is the county and the state."

The problem is the same in the UK.


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