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Secret assessments

by Mel Kelly 11/02/16

SNP Scotland : Sex Offender State Guardian & Secret State Psychiatric Assessment of All Children.

"In 2014 the Scottish Parliament used the Scottish referendum to distract the nation while voting through the ‘Children and Young People (Scotland) Bill’ where MSPs created a new un-natural order which states every parent in Scotland is automatically deemed a risk to their own children and that the ‘state’ will select who is fit to be the Guardian of each child in Scotland between birth and the age of 18."

"I wrote an article for Open Democracy in January 2014 warning of this attempt to roll out a State Guardian system for every child across Scotland especially as the state will hold a central file on every family from the first child is born until the youngest child is 18 if you have your children six years apart that’s 24 years your family is to be monitored by the state with no right of appeal.
Convicted paedophiles in Scotland have more rights as they can appeal being monitored and even if they lose they have the human right to force the state to stop monitoring them after 15 years at most."

"The State Guardian system is just at the trial stage in Scotland and within 14 months of the first ‘named person’ being appointed, as the official Scottish State ‘guardian’ of 200 children, ‘teacher’ Dickson-Boath was caught and convicted of sharing her fantasies about abusing children. As a result the Scottish Government’s first official ‘state guardian’ has been placed on the Sex Offenders register and struck off from the teaching register with Scotland’s teaching watchdog also recommending that Dickson-Boath be placed on a list of persons deemed unfit to work with children in any capacity."

"For 14 months, her ‘named person’ position gave her legal power to get any of these 200 children on their own, totally unsupervised and also allowed her to sit in judgement of every parent of each of those children on behalf of the ‘state’ the same state that is itself under inquiry for abusing children."

"Despite the entire system being totally discredited, at this early trial stage, the Scottish Parliament decided to roll out the state named person system into every single school in Scotland, regardless, and is forcing all schools to implement their state GIRFEC (getting it right for every child) ‘resilience matrix’ model. One teacher, who prefers to remain anonymous, has revealed, recently a team came into the school to instruct teachers on this new Scottish Government GIRFEC system that has already got it all badly wrong for 200 children. The teachers were told they are now required to get children in primary and secondary schools to fill in GIRFEC questionnaires without the children understanding why and the children not being informed their ‘answers’ are to be sent to psychiatrists to allow them to create a ‘secret state’ psychiatric profile for every child in every school in Scotland. The teacher went on to explain the ‘presentation team’ were asked if parents would see a copy of the questionnaire and if they would be given the chance to withdraw their child."

"In response the presentation team said `a letter would be sent home telling parents the school would be working on ‘resilience’ but no mention of the questionnaire or option to withdraw would be given in the letter`. The reason given was to ensure teachers were able to use the secret ‘psychiatric profile’, of each child to ‘diagnose’ children for the new GIRFEC ‘bounce back’ `teaching` materials."

"Quite rightly, some teachers have refused to issue the questionnaires and already, senior pupils are refusing to fill in the ‘questionnaires’ and challenging why they are being asked to do so younger secondary pupils and primary children lack that maturity to question. To make it easier to roll out this system, SNP’s former Education Minister MSP Mike Russell, announced last week his desire to roll out David Cameron’s flagship policy to take all schools out of democratic control with SNP controlled Clackmannanshire Council announcing five days later they intend to take all their schools out of council control without an act of parliament which Chick Broadie MSP on the Scottish Education committee, was forced to admit is illegal as only an act of the Scottish Parliament can take any school out of council control. So by any means possible, legal or not, the SNP Government and councillors are seeking to place all Scotland’s children and parents at the mercy of schools no longer in democratic control and instead in the total control of their `Named Persons`, who will be answerable to no-one, in their new all-powerful state guardian position where they get to sit in judgement of every single parent (and grandparent) of every single child that attends their school and get secret psychiatric profiles carried out on the children in their ‘care’. "

"Here are the questions from just one of the official GIRFEC questionnaires to be used for secret psychiatric profiling of all Scotland’s children in this ‘new order’ - we must remember most questionnaires, whether it is from snake oil salesmen or governments are more often than not deliberately designed with leading questions to get the desired ‘result’. "

I try to be nice to other people. I care about their feelings
I am restless, I cannot stay still for long
I get a lot of headaches, stomach-aches or sickness
I usually share with others (food, games, pens etc.)
I get very angry and often lose my temper
I am usually on my own. I generally play alone or keep to myself
I usually do as I am told
I worry a lot
I am helpful if someone is hurt, upset or feeling ill
I am constantly fidgeting or squirming
I have one good friend or more
I fight a lot. I can make other people do what I want
I am often unhappy, down-hearted or tearful
Other people my age generally like me
I am easily distracted, I find it difficult to concentrate
I am nervous in new situations. I easily lose confidence
I am kind to younger children
I am often accused of lying or cheating
Other children or young people pick on me or bully me

I often volunteer to help others (parents, teachers, children) I think before I do things
I take things that are not mine from home, school or elsewhere
I get on better with adults than with people my own age
I have many fears, I am easily scared
I finish the work I'm doing. My attention is good □ □

"When a government declares (in law) every parent in Scotland is unfit to be guardian of their own children that is a government that desperately needs something to back up this outrageous policy secret questionnaires and illegal psychiatric profiling of children is the Scottish Parliament’s official chosen tactic. The MSPs in the Scottish Parliament claimed the Children and Young People (Scotland) Bill is: `A Bill to make provision about the rights of children and young people.` A more fitting description would be this bill is a `Paedophile & State Abuse Charter` as it takes away every child’s natural birthright to have their parents as their rightful guardians and presents perverts and highly devious paedophiles with the opportunity to seek to be the legal state guardian of hundreds of children with the power to use ‘education funds’ they now control, in schools outwith democratic control, to get secret psychiatric profiles carried out on every child in their new state guardian legal ‘care’ to best assess which children are the easiest targets to fulfil their fantasies as they use that ‘state power’ to legally be able to get any child they desire on their own."

"For career politician MSPs with no children of their own to strip every parent in Scotland of their natural birthright to be the guardians of their own children only for these same MSPs to set up a system where paedophiles can easily be appointed as their chosen state guardian for hundreds of families’ children this shows how these MSPs have no idea what the natural instinct of a parent is to protect the children they love..."

"The minute the Scottish Parliament’s first state guardian, at the trial stage of this system, was found to be sharing fantasies of abusing children, this so called ‘Children and Young People (Scotland) Bill’ should have been repealed but as the Scottish Government chose to ignore that and press ahead rolling this danger to all children across Scotland it is evident every single MSP involved should be forced to resign and it is they who should be psychiatrically profiled. We need a public inquiry set up right now to allow Scotland to question every single MSP and Political party involved with their actions so devious a good case could be put to disbar all the parties and sitting MSPs involved from being able to stand at the Scottish elections not only in May, but ever again, so serious are the charges." 

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* I`m probably nit picking but I think it is more accurate to say that children are being psychologically assessed, not psychiatrically assessed.

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