Friday, 5 October 2018

New rules for girl guides

"The Girl Guides have recently opted to adopt a policy that exhorts the guides to welcome transgender girls. While some critics have expressed concern about young girls sharing rooms and toilets with someone who has the biological attributes and the body of a boy, there is a more fundamental issue at stake."

"As was the case with the Scottish guidelines, the new rules adopted by the Girl Guides indicate that its leaders are not allowed to divulge to parents and the other girls if a member of their group used to identify as a male."

"Whereas the institutionalisation of trans culture and the bypassing of parents in schools has provoked minimal opposition, concern has been raised by parents and leading members of the Girl Guides. This year 224 volunteers and parents wrote an open letter criticising the new policy."

"They rightly pointed out that this policy denied "informed" parental consent. The response of the Girl Guides was to expel two guide leaders and close down their unit. As far as the managers of this organisation are concerned, a parent’s right to know is trumped by its so-called `equality and diversity policy`. "

"Do we really want the Girl Guides or schools to take responsibility for the development of a young person’s sexual identity? "

"Do we really want parents to be blissfully ignorant about the values to which their children are exposed? Apparently many educators believe that they should have the right to guide the gender development of young people."

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