Monday, 25 April 2016

Social worker struck off for disclosing confidential information

"A social worker has been struck off after disclosing confidential information about vulnerable children."

"A fitness to practice hearing in Flintshire was told Kirsty Ann Morton's actions had `serious and far-reaching implications`, making removal from the register the only option."

"These included the threat of legal action."

"Ms Morton worked for Denbighshire council when it happened in October 2014, the Care Council for Wales said."

"She had allowed information about four families, including some involved in child protection cases, to be seen by another person, the hearing was told."

"Chairman of the committee Islwyn Jones said Ms Morton had `deliberately` disclosed the information to someone `close to her` whom she felt she could trust."

"`Once the information was released the registrant had no control of it,` he added."

We are supposed to believe this will never happen in Scotland, a joined up government and a model for the world ?  Come on....

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