Thursday, 21 April 2016

Great inter-country collaboration

"Residents of Vetlanda, a small Swedish town of 13,050 people, woke up to see a Nazi flag flying outside the town hall on Wednesday morning. The swastika banner is thought to have been a silent homage to Adolf Hitler, born on that day in 1889."

It figures.


  1. Sweden is well ahead in the databasing game. From 2013:

  2. Gee...

    "Swedish police have confirmed that they have kept an illegal registry of more than 4,000 Roma people living in Sweden."

    "The newspaper Dagens Nyheter, which broke the news, says Swedish police hold 4,029 names of Roma people living across the country."

    "According to the newspaper, the database is a family tree with information about social security numbers and addresses and arrows which show the family bonds between those registered..."

    "Many of the people in the database have not committed crime and thousands of them are children."

    "Ethnic registration is illegal in Sweden and the registry also violates the European convention on Human rights, which provides the right to respect for private and family life."

    Databasing means any group within a population can become a target. Very useful for authoritarian governments.

  3. Reflecting on the NORWAY PRESENT SITUATION it is clear there is imigration issues which leads to there Mass data collection readyto pounce at will if theres any intergration in there country and to pretend to use the Girfect model as in Scotland is a Farce and which is also got major objection from concerened parents .This does not involve the imegranr issue as in Norway at the moment but could be used against Human Rights .Another Country another massive Data collection for misuse of personal Data .

  4. I`m not sure how Norway collects data but it certainly has a reputation for snatching immigrant children into the care system on spurious grounds.

    It`s peculiar that the Nordic countries are held up to Scotland as if they are models to emulate don`t you think ?