Tuesday, 26 April 2016

The missing statistics

From UK Column News 22 April 2016:

Coverage about children begins about 36 minutes.

They show a graph which reveals the sharp rise in children taken into care between 1994 and 2015, from just over 45,000 to 70,000.

A supporting graph indicates a significant increase in adoptions between these two dates. An email was sent to Brian Gerrish along with these graphs, about a Sunday Times article [2009] by Daniel Foggo, in which he said `more stupid mothers were prevented from fighting adoptions.`

"He was pointing a very long finger at the official solicitor, Alastair Pitblado," says Gerrish, "who had been responsible in some 588 cases - essentially for breaking up families - but the charge was a lack of mental capacity. [That would be for the mothers.] So we can see a massive surge in the number of children being taken by the state and of course recently the British state has taken away the five day old baby of a Portuguese mother. So it does not matter your nationality if the child`s the UK, David Cameron`s government thinks it has a right to take that child away."

"Well, by strange coincidence, shortly before we became live today, I received another email saying: `Brian, I thought you might like to see this`. So it`s an article saying that very same solicitor, Pitblado, had just lost a private dispute in the High Court and this was a planning issue. He took on some local councils, acting as a litigant in person. He lost the case and this is what the judge had to say:  He described the couple`s claim as `overblown and wholly unsubstantiated... and their approach to the planning application had been misconceived.` So what we`ve got is an overview of the man who`s been responsible for helping to lever children away from their families, that they`re not competent and we really have to ask `is this man fit for purpose himself?`"

Turning to address David Scott, "David, it`s really obscene the power of these officials when it comes to taking children away. We can`t deal with fraud or corruption or banking crime but if we`ve got a parent who should be getting support from the state, because maybe they do need a little bit of help, what we`re seeing is `No let`s take the child away and get them adopted as quickly as possible`."

"Yes and, `I`m from the government; I`m here to help` is still the scariest phrase anyone is likely to hear," says Scott.

"What we`re seeing here though is something almost darker. It`s very reminiscent of the eugenics campaign in.. America and Nazi Germany in the early part of the 20th century, and with one noticeable change. The eugenics idea was that you received your intelligence wholly from your parents by descent and therefore if you have a problem you have to tackle that by such means as forcible sterilisation.  And there`s a book written about that called War Against the Weak. It`s an excellent but very horrific story of how this was rolled out, principally in the United States."

"Now the change here is that it is no longer descent that is the issue; it`s early years. It`s your early experience; it`s how your brain forms when you`re very young. So if your parents are substandard then it`s not that they`re going to be sterilised; no, what they`re going to do is to remove [the child] from you and give the child to approved people.  So it`s a variation on eugenics."

"It`s a variation, but deeply sinister," say Gerrish. "We`ll continue the theme but I`ll just follow up from those statistics which was for me to go and have a little look at where there were more statistics on adoption and childcare issues."

"So this is a report from the Department of Education dated 1st October 2015 and we`ve got statistics here for children who were looked after in England. In fact, in that document there is quite a lot of information and I would encourage people to get hold of it and have a look through themselves..."

"But then I thought, let`s go looking for statistics on child abuse. And if you go on the government`s very own website; this is the Home Office; we can find stuff on childcare but we find no child abuse statistics. We`ve emailed them to say well `where are these statistics?`"

"If we have a look at this one - Home Office [Statistical series] - we`ve got crime statistics, all categorised."

"When you spoke to them they implied that the Home Office was the place to go for these statistics," Mike Robinson interjects.

"Yes, originally we spoke to the Department of Education because they produced that first statistical analysis. That`s the one we`re encouraging people to download. We called them and they said `No No we don`t have any child abuse statistics; you need to speak to the Home Office` but when you go and have a look at the Home Office`s statistical base there`s a lot of categories for crime but they don`t appear to like to talk about child abuse. So we`ve sent them an email and said `Do you hold the statistics?` But I`ve got a feeling they don`t hold ...central statistics on the number of children abused in the care system. So these are the very people who are going to run the Named Person scheme, north of the border..."

[To be continued...]

Britain is implicated in the eugenics movement too.

Not for children or anybody with a `sensitive` disposition.

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