Monday, 11 April 2016

Protest against overzelous social services will be on 16 April 2016


"This is art and human solidarity joining hands to stand up for social justice, human rights and the sacredness of the family Let The Children Be Set Free...."  So they say:


"In February 2016, after months of dragging their feet, Barnevernet performed a psychological evaluation of the Bodnariu parents. Senator Titus Corlatean revealed on a Romanian TV programme that the Bernevernet psychologist who performed the evaluation was somewhat surprised that it took 3 months for this evaluation to be done. The psychologist was also surprised that such evaluation did not take place BEFORE the children were confiscated."

"Moreover, the psychologist’s report indicated a healthy parental environment in the Bodnariu home. The exact words Corlatean used were `positive and favourable` in describing the content of the evaluation with respect to Marius and Ruth."

"Given these details which have not been made public until now, we must ask the question: what is going on inside this sinister institution, Barnevernet? And since Barnevernet has politicians at its head, we must ask the Norwegian government: what is the hold up?"

"Clearly there is evidence of cracking under pressure going on inside Barnevernet."

"Their own psychologists which typically side with the CPS/government have given the Bodnariu parents `positive and favourable` marks. But they only returned one out of five children!"

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  1. I`m certainly not interested in sneaky biblical references on T shirts or other sly moves like it.

    Regardless, I support their move against state interference in family life.