Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Difficult choices

"THE Nationalists are beginning to feel the heat on the controversial named person scheme, writes Tom Peterkin..."

"It has been Ruth Davidson’s Scottish Conservatives who have made the most decisive attempt to seize the initiative on this. Speaking to Tory strategists, it is clear they feel they have found an issue which is playing poorly for the SNP on the doorsteps."

"That may be true, but the best the SNP leader has so far been able to offer in terms of reassurance to parents have been some muddled statements suggesting that parents would be able to "opt out" of the scheme not something that makes much sense when the legislation is compulsory for all children."

"The sense of confusion appears to have percolated down to the SNP candidates on the ground."

"There exists YouTube footage of a hustings meeting held in the Northfield area of Edinburgh. When put under pressure by a member of the public concerned about the named person scheme, the SNP candidate Lloyd Quinan appeared to indulge in some pretty spectacular policy-making on the hoof..."

"Questioned on the named person scheme, Quinan suggested that the SNP would take the legal steps required to make the legislation optional."

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Dear Dear ! What have all the court cases been about then ?

As for Ruth Davidson:

"The Scottish Conservatives plan to get thousands of redundant oil and gas workers jobs in the fracking industry if elected in May."

"The Press and Journal can reveal Ruth Davidson’s party manifesto will commit to `utilising the expertise` of offshore workers to develop unconventional gas extraction in Scotland."

"Scottish Labour, the Liberal Democrats and the Greens support an outright ban on fracking, while the SNP have imposed a moratorium on the controversial practice."

Nowhere has hydraulic fracturing been done safely. Ruth Davidson would put children`s health at risk by polluting Scotland`s water with toxic fracking fluid.

There`s a lot of serious thinking to do.

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