Wednesday 27 April 2016

The roots of CSE

It`s already in Scotland as part of Health and Wellbeing:

There is a long list of people and organisations at the end of the Joining the dots document who were part of the discussions about GIRFEC. Cathy McCulloch and Dr Colin Morrison, co-directors of the Scottish Children`s Parliament are there, as expected.

What is less well known is that Cathy McCulloch and Dr Colin Morrison are partners of TASC (Scotland) Ltd, founded by them in 1992.

This is what they say about TASC:
"TASC provides a range of services including social research and service evaluation. We have a real interest in people - how they experience their lives and what their hopes, dreams and ambitions are for their families and communities. We work with policy makers and service providers to help ensure the needs and interests of service users are recognised and met."
Some of their work has included:

"Learning Together: A Review of sex and relationship education resources for parents and carers NHS Health Scotland (2009-10)"

"An evaluation of Feel Think Do Sexual Abuse Prevention Programme (2009) for NHS Forth Valley. Feel Think Do is a sexual abuse prevention programme for P6 pupils. It is designed to be delivered over 8 sessions and uses a DVD of dramatised scenarios. Children can also work on their own learning logs."

"Parental Feedback on School-based Sexual Health and Relationships Education in Glasgow for Glasgow City Council and NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde Young People’s Sexual Health Steering Group (2011)."

Chapter 1 for under 5s

In Scotland, CSE tends to be called Sexual Health and Relationships Education. It starts early and never stops all through the school years. Because `health and wellbeing` is spread throughout Curriculum for Excellence, it is impossible for parents to disengage their children from Sexual Health and Relationships Education entirely. All very cunningly planned. No-one in the role of Named Person has ever said some of this might not be appropriate for very young children.

At the heart of GIRFEC are little businesses working in partnership with government which provide `services` to children and families to address `problems` that never used to exist. I`m sure they`ll dream up a few more.

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