Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Press release from politician in charge of Barnevernet

From Delight in Truth:

"Solveig Horne, the politician in charge of Barnevernet put out a press release today in response to the demonstrations held against her CPS on April 16th, 2016."

"In a Facebook post she wrote: `We take criticism towards child welfare seriously and give the Board of Health now the mission to go through a selection of issues in child welfare`."

"In the press release she wrote that they will take a look at emergency care orders (like the action against the Bodnariu family) and will also review single cases."

"I consider this a positive response, but not nearly positive enough. Until the culture within Barnevernet is changed, the culture of `shoot first-aim later,` no real change will occur."

"This is also a positive development because it shows that the April 16th effort caused turmoil inside the Norwegian CPS. They are scrambling. They are stressed. They are in damage-control mode. They are under pressure to spread propaganda in the media."

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