Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Mother jailed for 24 years

"A `devious` and `selfish` mother has been jailed for at least 24 years for stamping her toddler daughter to death."

"Kathryn Smith, 23, murdered 21-month-old Ayeeshia Jane Smith during a `savage outburst` in the girl's bedroom."

"Her then partner, Matthew Rigby, 22, was jailed for three years and six months after being found guilty of causing or allowing Ayeeshia's death."

"The judge said her life was `brutally snuffed out` for no apparent reason..."

"The judge said: `Ayeeshia was a particularly vulnerable victim, thin and slight of frame, deserving of protection and under the protection of social services for the whole of her short life.`" [Like many of these cases]

" `She was killed in her own home by her own mother - that is the grossest breach of trust.`"

"The outburst of savage violence was not an isolated incident and Smith had an `explosive temper`, she said."

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