Saturday, 30 April 2016

Glasgow hospital studies alcohol products in babies

"Newborn babies are being tested for alcohol after researchers raised concerns about pregnant women drinking regularly."

"Samples from hundreds of babies born at the Princess Royal Maternity Hospital in Glasgow are being studied for alcohol by-products."

"Results suggest about 40% of mothers consume some alcohol while pregnant..."

"The study found that about 15% of women drink more than one or two small glasses of wine a week during pregnancy."

"The Scottish government warns that drinking in pregnancy can lead to long-term harm to the baby. And the more alcohol consumed, the greater the risk..."

"Mothers will also be asked to complete a lifestyle questionnaire."

From the British Pregnancy Advisory Service

29 April 2016
"This appears to be a worrying development in what is now the increasing policing of pregnancy. It is known that consuming large quantities of alcohol throughout pregnancy can result in lifelong learning disabilities, but little evidence of this at lower levels. It is unclear how the information gathered in this study will be used, and whether this will set a precedent for more widespread testing of babies - in order to `test` their mothers' claims of how much [they] drank while pregnant." 
"The growing trend towards monitoring pregnant women, and blaming all issues that children face on their mothers' behaviour in pregnancy, is something that should concern all of us involved in women's reproductive healthcare and advocacy. Pregnant women need support, not surveillance and snooping."
How will the Named Person respond to a mother`s alleged false claims about her drinking during pregnancy ?

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