Friday, 8 April 2016

`Save the Children` thinks nursery kids should have `brain time`

"Almost half of British parents risk condemning their children to a life of underachievement by seriously underestimating how much they should be learning as toddlers, the leading charity has warned."

"Research by Save The Children suggests that, far from the popular idea of `helicopter` or `tiger` parents hot-housing children long before they go to school, hundreds of thousands of adults hold potentially harmfully low expectations for their child’s early learning."

"A survey of people with children between the ages of two and 10 carried out for the study found that 47 per cent believe their children ought to know about 100 words or fewer by the time they are two and a half."

"In reality an average child’s vocabulary would be six times that size by that stage in their development."

"The charity is launching a new campaign, backed by a group of leading child psychologists and education specialists, calling for every nursery to have a qualified early years teacher, funded by the taxpayer, to ensure youngsters have properly structured `brain time` during play."

If you look beyond Scotland you can see how extensive the attack on parents is; and there`s always some charity ready to do the damage.

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