Sunday, 3 April 2016

Alleged misconduct to be probed by South Lanarkshire Council

"AN SNP Holyrood candidate is being investigated for alleged professional misconduct in his job as a social worker, the Sunday Herald can reveal."

"Fulton MacGregor, who is hoping to win Labour-held Coatbridge & Chryston in May, has been accused of improperly accessing confidential case files in order to help a political ally."

"The Scottish Social Services Council (SSSC), which registers and monitors social workers, is now working with MacGregor’s employers at South Lanarkshire Council on the probe."

"The SNP last night said MacGregor was `confident` the claims would be dismissed. "

"The investigation followed an anonymous complaint to the SSSC last month, which purported to come from another social worker."

"It claimed MacGregor, an SNP councillor in North Lanarkshire, had accessed personal data about the estranged wife of a party colleague in a messy divorce battle. "

"It also claimed he had been given `political protection` because he was a councillor and `prospective MSP` and accused him of making `misogynistic comments`. "

"MacGregor is at the centre of the `Monklands McMafia` feud which has split the SNP in Lanarkshire and generated a number of lurid claims against members of the party."

"The SSSC, which has the power to deregister social workers, confirmed it had received the two anonymous complaints against MacGregor."

"A spokeswoman said: `When an allegation of misconduct comes to our attention, we will consider whether there is an issue about a social service worker’s suitability to remain on the register. However, we cannot make any comment about individual cases.` "

Those who believe `If you have nothing to hide, you have nothing to fear` might reflect on the fact that `information is power.`

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