Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Goncalo Amaral wins appeal

"THE EX-police chief who claimed `the McCanns covered up Maddie's death by faking her disappearance` has announced he is planning to sue the couple for compensation in a new blow for the couple."

"Goncalo Amaral yesterday won an appeal against paying the Brit parents 500,000 euros (£430,000), after a year-long battle against their libel win over his explosive book 'Maddy,The Truth of the Lie'. "

"The former detective, who worked on the four-year-old's disappearance case in the opening days, claimed the McCanns `covered up Maddie's death by faking her disappearance` in the book..."

"Gerry and Kate previously won a libel case against the claims, but were heartbroken last night after this was overturned by three judges in an appeal."

"The parents had planned to put the £430,000 into their Find Maddie fund."

"Amaral's lawyer yesterday announced after the libel U-turn he would sue the McCanns for damages, claiming the couple’s long-running court fight had cost his client money and harmed his reputation."

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