Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Spinning lessons

"THE SNP has been accused of trying to `brainwash` children in the classroom with election propaganda ahead of May's Holyrood elections."

"Schools are being urged to request the eye-catching packs, which include free rosettes, balloons, badges, posters and pens emblazoned with the party logo."

"There is also a glossy 12-page booklet including a personal message from SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon, as well as a long list of the party's `achievements`."

"The voting age for Scottish elections has been lowered to 16, meaning that tens of thousands of school pupils will be able to take part for the first time this year."

"With so many votes at stake, the SNP has even hired a full-time Schools Engagement Officer to ensure the party's message reaches as many youngsters as possible."

"South of the Border, schools have been strongly criticised for issuing children with political campaign material during election periods."

"And during the referendum campaign, the majority of Scottish councils banned the Yes and No campaigns from distributing any material in schools..."

"Scottish Liberal Democrat Shetland Candidate Tavish Scott [said]: `Some of the figures the SNP have pulled out of the air for this are incredible but you'd expect nothing less. Of course young people should be encouraged to get involved in and understand the political system but lessons in spin are not on the curriculum.` " 

I`m afraid lessons in spin are on the curriculum: Girfec, SHANARRI, you name it ...

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