Thursday, 7 April 2016

More than half of health visitors do not support Named Person scheme

"CONTROVERSIAL plans to introduce a state guardian for every child have been plunged into chaos after Scotland's largest public sector union attacked the policy. "

"Under the SNP scheme, health visitors will fulfil the role of a Named Person for youngsters under five, with headteachers taking responsibility for older children. "

"However, a new poll by Unison revealed more than half of health visitors in Scotland believe the contentious approach is wrong."

"The findings have triggered a U-turn from the union, which had previously backed the scheme, with bosses saying it is `not sensible at this time`. "

"It comes as yet another blow to Nicola Sturgeon's scheme, which is currently facing a challenge on human rights grounds at the Supreme Court in London. "

"Last night, critics called the poll a `damning indictment` of the policy and demanded the SNP listen to the frontline professionals."

"Simon Calvert, of the No to Named Persons (NO2NP) campaign group, said: `It doesn't get any worse than this for a government`. "

" `We now have Named Persons themselves queuing up to attack the very scheme they have been tasked with carrying out`..."

"Mr Calvert added: `It is obvious that it cannot work and cannot be made to work`."

" `The police have warned about it, lawyers have warned about it, parents have warned about it, and now the very people tasked with implementing the scheme have issued the gravest warnings yet`."

" `How much more evidence does the government need?`"

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