Thursday, 12 November 2015

The global standards parents need to worry about

The Common Core State Standards initiative in the US seeks to establish consistent educational standards across the states. That`s the spin.

The consequences are that education is being taken over by the federal government (centralised) and it is building databases to record the development of the child in terms of the approved `standards` from the cradle, onwards. It is what the whole child approach and progressive education is about.

Lily Tang Williams in the video above explains why Common Core scares her: it reminds her of life in communist China.

She tells us that in China they would chant every day in support of the government. There was a national curriculum and nationalised standards; teachers had to teach to those standards and teach to the task or they would lose their jobs.

There were no parental rights; the privacy concept was never heard of, and politically incorrect opinions and thoughts had to be reported.

"For his entertainment we were required to sing songs and do revolutionary dances to thank Chairman Mao and the communist party.," says Lily Tang Williams.

A file was kept on each pupil which would document all their personal details, their family, where they lived, what their political class was, any politically incorrect behaviours, teachers` opinions, educational achievements etc.

Neither pupil nor the family would ever see those files but they would follow the child to college and then on to employment and it would be difficult to get any kind of job without one.
Curriculum for Excellence

Enlightened parents in Scotland will recognise that GIRFEC, the Named Person scheme and CfE are on the same journey as Chairman Mao`s communist China.

Children in Scottish schools are being encouraged to sing songs in favour of the totalitarian policy while being stripped of their personal data.

Meanwhile the Named Person will monitor and report on their parents.

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  1. J T Gatto on the Dangan makes interesting reading:

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