Friday, 13 November 2015

Take the pledge for the world`s wildlife

In honor of World Vasectomy Day, take the pledge to help wildlife worldwide by getting a vasectomy. Tell us about the wildlife youre most passionate about protecting through preventing unplanned pregnancies and, once you get your vasectomy, well send you* a "Get Whacked for Wildlife" T-shirt, so you can tell everyone else about it.
Already have a vasectomy? Congratulations youve taken responsibility for your reproductive future. Now take the next step to protect wildlife and show other men how getting whacked for wildlife changed your life for the better. Share your story and favorite endangered species with us and well send you a shirt, too.
Before rushing out to get the T-shirt it might be worth considering this:

The radically different demographic situation between developed and developing countries illustrates the "demographic divide": the vast gulf in birth and death rates among the world's countries. On one side of this divide are mostly poor countries with relatively high birth rates and low life expectancies. On the other side are mostly wealthy countries with birth rates so low that population decline is all but guaranteed and where average life expectancy extends past age 75, creating rapidly aging populations.

If you want the world population to stop increasing, there`s a simple lesson here. Allow third world countries to develop their economies rather than all the nonsense about reducing carbon footprints which is going to exacerbate the problem.

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