Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Social workers must refer cases to Channel Panel

"Social workers have been told that radicalisation cases are `exactly the same` as other safeguarding concerns."

"At a packed session on preventing radicalisation at Community Care Live on Tuesday (3 November), Alamgir Sheriyar, active referral coordinator for Kent Police, said that in cases of grooming, child sexual exploitation and young people becoming involved with gangs, social workers "make notes, and you pass it on to your safeguarding team," and there was "nothing different" in cases of suspected radicalisation..."

"In suspected cases of radicalisation, social workers and local authorities are under a duty to refer the case to the local Channel panel, which will then decide the correct, if any, intervention and support to be offered to that individual..."

"However, Jo Finch, deputy director of the Centre for Social Work Research, questioned social workers’ involvement in these cases."

"Finch asked: `Are we getting into dangerous ideological grounds here? Is this our role? Should it be our role?`"

"My concern is about the notion of pre-crime. If people have a genuine interest, does that mean they are going to commit terrorist acts? I remember my radical self at 13, animal rights, anti-vivisection and strict vegetarian, that’s part of growing up isn’t it, to perhaps have views that aren’t very well informed," she added.

Recall that school staff and childcare providers must also understand when it is appropriate to make a referral to the Channel programme, a surveillance system that may lead to early interventions including sectioning under the Mental Health Act and child protection arrangements.

Yet radicalisation may be difficult to assess given the wide range of potential domestic extremist concerns.

Domestic Extremism

*Animal Rights extremism

*Environmentalist extremism

*Far Right Political extremism

*Far Left Political extremism

*Emerging Trends - or any activities that unduly and illegally  influence or threaten the economic and community cohesion of the country.

See Channel Duty Guidance


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  2. You can take extremism to mean ANY VIEWS that do not comply with the Government .

    It`s an assault on freedom of speech and dangerous.