Monday, 16 November 2015

Services to child abuse survivors to be put out to tender

"The In Care Survivors Service Scotland, a partnership led by Open Secret, is a trauma informed counselling and advocacy support service for adults who suffered childhood abuse in care and their families."

"THE decision to axe an organisation who help victims of historic child abuse has been slammed as `heartless` by Labour."

"The Daily Record told on Thursday how in Care Survivors Service Scotland are facing closure with the loss of a £200,000 annual grant."

"The Scottish Government have decided the services ICSSS provide to people who suffered abuse will be put out to tender. The move comes after they announced a public inquiry into abuse in children`s homes - which ICSSS campaigned for - saying it would `shine light on the dark corners of the past`."

"Labour`s Iain Gray said: `Many survivors of in-care child abuse feel unsupported by the Scottish government and this is going to make that worse..."

"`If this is about saving money, it is an unbelievably heartless measure to take.`"

"ICSSS boss Janine Rennie has organised a meeting for all clients and abuse survivors in Glasgow to outline the ramifications of the move. "

From the Scottish Government website:
Ms Constance has said:
"The Scottish Government will continue its work on expanding the Survivor Support Fund.  Recently, an invitation to tender for providing services for survivors was issued ..." 
That was doublespeak and does not inspire confidence.
Then there is the matter of the type of institutions that are going to be covered by the Inquiry.
The Inquiry will investigate the nature and extent of abuse of children in care. For the purpose of this Inquiry, "Children in care" includes children in institutional residential care such as childrens homes (including residential care provided by faith based groups); secure care units including List D schools; Borstals; Young OffendersInstitutions; places provided for Boarded Out children in the Highlands and Islands; state, private and independent Boarding Schools, including state funded school hostels; healthcare establishments providing long term care; and any similar establishments intended to provide children with long term residential care. The term also includes children in foster care.
Children who were abused in day care are not going to be considered. That rules out the allegations of Hollie Greig and others like her who were abused at their local schools and by professionals in their communities.
It is not that the Scottish establishment is unaware of the problem.

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