Sunday, 29 November 2015

GIRFEC Champions

"Quality improvement through the child’s journey was the theme of the first ever joint Early Years Collaborative and Raising Attainment for All Learning Session held earlier this month. Over 850 practitioners from across health, education and social care – including the third sector – shared what they are doing locally to improve services and outcomes for children and families..."

"Announcing a new Improvement Awards Programme, Aileen Campbell, Minister for Children and Young People said: “The improvement awards will recognise and celebrate the work of CPPs and National Partners, act as a catalyst for sharing successes, provide examples of innovative change leadership and most importantly, recognise how practitioners are making life better for thousands of children and families.”

"During the learning session, delegates shared how their improvement work is making a difference. Argyll and Bute highlighted how they are working across agencies to test and spread a new family pathway to regularly assess children’s needs so that developmental issues can be responded to at the right time Ms Campbell said: “The time is right now to accelerate the pace of improvement and scale up what we know works in delivering prevention and early intervention."

Argyll and Bute Pathway from Children and Families on Vimeo.

Some of Argyll and Bute`s GIRFEC champions highlight their work.

"The pathway is about capturing key moments in a person`s life from pregnancy - all the way through to a child starting nursery."
[It is a bit ambiguous who the PERSON of interest is.]

GIRFEC underpins the work of the pathway and you can`t separate the two: so it`s Named Person to Named Person." [That`s the data flow of those key moments in a person`s life.]

Catriona Dreghorn, senior midwife, sums it up by giving a well scripted account: "The family pathway has more formalised, I think, what we probably did anyway."
That`s not true. There would have been no need to employ 500 extra health visitors to cope with the mountain of GIRFEC form filling - at a cost of £40 million - if that was true, and no need for Aileen Campbell to be going around the country drumming up support with an Improvement Awards Programme.
And there would have been no need to keep families in the dark about GIRFEC for so long.
When are we going to get some straight talking?

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