Sunday, 8 November 2015

Singing for a `single point of contact`

In Scotland, education means something a wee bit different to `promoting individual freedom and empowerment.`

+ Right to a state dictatorship

"A theatre group has been paid thousands of pounds of public money to tour primary schools with a play that lays the ground for the controversial project."

"Ministers are pressing ahead with the introduction of Named Persons - which will see every youngster assigned an official to monitor their upbringing until the age of 18 - despite opposition from parents and campaigners."

"Now, as part of the latest production by Glasgow-based Hopscotch Theatre Company, pupils are being taught songs about having rights under a United Nations convention and the Scottish Government`s definition of wellbeing."

"Meanwhile, classroom materials minimise the role of parents, telling teachers to encourage children to think that it is the job of all adults to love and care for them."

"Campaign group No To Named Persons, which is trying to defeat the scheme through the courts, claimed that the play was `state sponsored indoctrination`."

"Spokesman Simon Calvert said: `These people are damaging family relationships. Encouraging children to rely on strangers in the same way they rely on their mum or dad makes them vulnerable. Parents are already worried the Named Person will undermine them without this exercise in softening up young minds with right-on propaganda.`"

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