Saturday, 7 November 2015

Cameron wants children placed with prospective adopters early

"David Cameron has called for the adoption process to be sped up to end the `tragedy`of children waiting to be placed in a loving family home."

"The prime minister wants to double the proportion of children placed with their adoptive families before legal proceedings have been completed, a figure that currently stands about 10%. "

"There has been progress on the issue, Cameron said, but added more could be done. “It is a tragedy that there are still too many children waiting to be placed with a loving family."

"`We have made real progress but it remains a problem,` he said in a statement to the BBC. He added: `I want to make sure that we do everything we can so children are placed in a loving home as soon as possible.`"

Cameron presents a very lopsided view of adoption.

Not all children are looking to be permanently removed from their families, and not all parents want to let go of their children.

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