Sunday, 1 November 2015

GIRFEC: a guide to meaningful outcomes

"A LOLLIPOP lady has been banned from waving to schoolchildren."

"Council bosses have told Betty Dickson her cheerful greeting for youngsters and parents is a breach of health and safety rules."

"She has been warned that waving breaks her concentration and puts children at risk."

"A supervisor has even been deployed to make sure the 74-year-old follows orders and remains static on duty."

"The ban comes months after lollipop man Nkosana Mdikane was banned from giving children in Dumbarton high-fives in a similar diktat."

"Now furious mums and dads have nominated Betty for an award in a bid to show support for the pensioner dubbed the `happiest woman in the world` by youngsters at St Maria Goretti Primary School and Lamlash Nursery in Glasgow’s Cranhill."

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